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For over a century, a railway line has crossed Myanmar’s Shan province. The Mandalay – Lashio Express connects the hot lowlands with the green mountains of Shan State in north-east of the country.


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  • TRAVEL EXPLORE 2 weeks ago

    Amazing Bridge…

  • Mushtaq Ahmad 2 weeks ago

    Thanks so much very nice video we are all children 🚸 of Adm and eve we all returns to God

  • Sumedha Dilruk 2 weeks ago

    Great informative video. Myanmar is a great part of the world. Love from Sri Lanka.

  • George Chan 2 weeks ago

    With very slow movement. Never progress after UK withdrawing…………

  • Kailash Pillai 2 weeks ago

    awesome story with a footage !!! Pyin Oo Lwin is my home town yet never been on the train :D.. I will

  • kawishka wihanga 2 weeks ago

    Environment most probably same srilanka kandy.Nice video .

  • GSH RDY 2 weeks ago

    Love Burma.

  • Sultan Mehmood 2 weeks ago

    Very beautiful city so nice Thanks

  • Michael Robert 2 weeks ago

    Thanks so much for posting

  • bela katootz 2 weeks ago

    marvelous—makes me think less and less of america

  • Eugene Smiley 2 weeks ago

    Great video

  • Justice Freeman Junior 2 weeks ago

    Wonderful documentary, very interesting. Documentaries like this should be encouraged because, it’s the easiest way of learning other cultures and bringing the world together. One love for Myanmar people

  • Eliana Mendonça Ribeiro Ribeiro 2 weeks ago

    Parabéns pelo documentário!!

  • Kinta Ratna 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for Amazing documentary..

  • ညိီညီဦး အညာ 2 weeks ago

    Myanmar. good. HTTP 😇😇😇💏💏

  • 熊维尼 2 weeks ago

    love from china

  • Naing Min 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for our country,welcome to Myanmar.

  • steamsearcher 2 weeks ago

    Lovely film, lovely People, We know several Burmese!

  • 1234 1234 2 weeks ago

    Myanmar is a beautiful country.

  • kim hua 2 weeks ago

    thanks you for your hard jobs documentary film.

  • kruper travel channel 2 weeks ago

    onec day i will visit you.
    Myanmar my friends.

  • Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt 2 weeks ago

    Excellent Video, well conceived and produced. We need such video for people to learn about other places. Great to watch.

  • Faisal R 2 weeks ago

    Is like watching Indonesia in the 80's