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Hsipaw is a town in Shan State, Myanmar on the riverbank of Duthawadi River. It is 200 km (124 mi) northeast of Mandalay. Hsipaw is perhaps one of the most well known and powerful saopha states of Shan State. According to the biography of Sao Hearn Hkam (the chief wife, Madhidevi of Sao Shwe Thaik, the first president of Myanmar and another saopha of Hsenwi), Hsipaw, along with Kengtung and Yawnghwe were the wealthiest and most powerful saopha states in Shan State.
The Saophas played fluctuating roles in regional Shan and national Burmese politics from the 11th century all the way till the 1962 military coup by General Ne Win.
Hsipaw is famous for the Bowgoy Pagoda, situated in Bowgoy Village about 6 miles far from Hsipaw.
You can take a trip to the beautiful palong(taann) nations mountain where you can see the most amazing mountain view. And the sunset of Hsipaw is famous and you can see the beautiful sunset and the overview of the town from sunset hill. You can enjoy the traditional foods such as shan noodle, rice soup, khawpok (traditional shan food makes with rice), pork rice (make to sour rice with pork) and you can drink dry tea and you can enjoy tea salad. Many seasonal natural fresh fruits such as orange, pine apple, water melon, passion, lychee, dragon fruit can be enjoyed.
The Central Market at Hsipaw is one of the best markets to visit in all of Myanmar. Shans, Kachins, and other tribals come here to trade regularly. Because so few tourists visit Hsipaw, the merchandise is primarily for villagers who go there to shop. Radios, spare parts, diverse foodstuffs, and of course, Shan clothing (trousers, hats, sandals) and the ubiquitous lyongi. The market begins and ends early, starting at 3:30am and pretty much wrapping up by 6am.Sunset watching at Five Buddha Hill or Nine Buddha Hill is another recommended pastime. Both hills are about 2km out of town and are accessible by bicycle.The Bawgyo Paya, 8km out of town in the direction of Mandalay, is a revered Shan pagoda. In addition to the usual complement of Buddha’s, the pagoda also has some ancient statues of Hindu origin in the plaza outside.
Nawng Kaw Gyi Lake
Nam Hu Nwe Waterfall
Hot Springs

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