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Visiting Inle Lake in Myanmar can be toured through a boat tour. Find out where to spot a reliable boat, a guide and what are the places to stop by.

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  • Rob's Quest 10 months ago

    The lotus fabric is very interesting! I never saw something like this before. The tribe is super interesting too – thanks for sharing. learned something new today 🙂

  • Family Travel Go 10 months ago

    Awesome boat tour. I loved seeing the part where they were they made the fabric and cloth. So cool seeing the culture like that.

  • Travel With Mansoureh 10 months ago

    I am not good with names neither. What a great boat tour, did you feel safe on that tiny boat?

  • Elaine Masters 10 months ago

    Interesting territory to visit from the gardens to the village. Loved seeing the crafts and workshops. Politically I'm not sure but would love to visit.

  • Wyld family Travel 10 months ago

    Love watching local crafts made. Its great when you can buy off locals and out money back into the community. Myanmar is on our list for next year cant wait

  • Travelling Dany 10 months ago

    This looks like such an incredible experience! Me and my wife want to visit Myanmar so much now!

  • World Heritage Journey 10 months ago

    Such a fascinating place Myanmar! We enjoyed Inle Lake, especially those craft huts and the monastery. I didn't especially like the posing fishermen though – something about them standing there posing for photos rather than just fishing felt a bit off to me. Still a beautiful part of the world though!

  • IndiTales 10 months ago

    Seaweed as a fertilizer – how natural! Yes, in ancient civilizations, water is never sold, it is offered to everyone who is thirsty.


    I haven't been to Myanmar yet and would love to go. It looks lie Inle Lake is unspoiled and as it always has been for centuries. What's the political situation in Myanmar at the moment? Is it stable and safe to visit?

  • Fly Drive Explore 10 months ago

    That fishing technique is very unusual but he's getting the cash. We've seen pictures of the woman of the Kayan tribe but didn't know they were still doing it today.