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10 things to do in Yangon; to experience the real life of the Burmese people.

Music: “The Rising” by Tryad (the right to use the music stated at

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  • Shailesh Das 6 months ago

    wow awesome! 25 years behind BKK but I say 10 years behind India or some parts look very same like present Indian cities

  • Phyo Gyi 6 months ago

    Nothing to say more, "i miss Junction 8 Mont Hin Khar "…harmonius regards to my motherland😊

  • Khanh So 6 months ago

    Myanmar is a country with ancient religious relics brought the greatness of the scale and sophistication of architecture. Humans Myanmar are friendly and gentle, with about 80 % of the population are Buddhists, along with Theravada branch of Buddhism in Laos and Thailand.

  • Mario Perez 6 months ago

    Min Wae Augn where is he located

  • thamainbama 6 months ago

    Yangon needs a good sweep. Full of garbage!!!

  • Su Yadana 6 months ago

    incredible video… Thank you for ur time and appreciation. we hope more travellers could see them in the future.

  • Caradam Caradam 6 months ago

    Very good video, thank you. Myanmar is not underdeveloped, why do we think that we have a better life here in Europe/US or that we are better just because we have more money or technology? They are free, and still have values. We have none of that left, or hardly.

  • Shwe Yi 6 months ago

    May be infracture a bit behind in central area of Yangon as most of the good view are near the Inya lake. Central area of yangon has dirty street and side way are full with street vendors. I hate it too. Central is not central anymore now.

  • Su Ellaine 6 months ago

    I am from Myanmar!!XD