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In this episode we go Skinny Dipping in Tropical Cuba…and then get busted by the Military. Get ready for an adventure!

#CUBA: What a country, what a culture, what an adventure!!! Cuba was one of our best adventures so far, so it’s hardly surprising that this video lands straight on our highlights reel.

You guys know we are addicted to travel and that we do it on a super tight budget, so leaving our VW Kombi home behind and backpacking to Cuba was a real vacation for us.

In the Cuba episodes we use everything that we’ve learnt about travel to hunt out the best deals and free adventures so that we could make this trip possible.

Honestly Cuba has two sides, the local side and the tourist side – they even both have separate currencies would you believe?!

A lot of the Cuban tourist scene that is presented to you is 5 Star hotels and Caribbean beaches. In this 2 part series we wanted to strip all that away and show you the real Naked Cuba, and also show you that Cuba can be one of the most exciting and cheap places to travel in the world!

For the first time since we met little Alaska (the adventure Pup) (back in Lima, Peru we had to leave her behind to look after the Kombi, but don’t worry she will be back for more K9 adventures really soon.

Until then, we’re going on a #Backpacking Adventure, and we are taking you with us!

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  • James F. Harrington 11 months ago

    Thank you so very much for this travel guide to beautiful Cuba.

  • Oscar Bernal 11 months ago

    Fuck the Cuban government and their idiotic guards or policemen, indeed is because the Embargo, but is so fucked up, the guards said they were the border patrol ????? Fucking Cuba is an island, what border are they talking about ? If they treat their turists this way, imagine the abuse with their defenseless citizens, but who's fault is it ?? I say those the imposed the restrictions (embargo) if you know what I mean.

  • youvrida cordiawan 11 months ago

    233.333 sub

  • Xuskeuclite 11 months ago

    I've come across an amazing 1 in a 1000 channel

  • Atif Daymi 11 months ago


  • sattar Mohammed 11 months ago

    living in harmony with nature, coexistence with all creatures on earth, no greed, content with life, no competition, no ………

  • Minichaud Berkimilov 11 months ago

    Use taxis in cuba, not buses, ppl are better and the ride is usually twice as fast, between big citys at least.

  • Stephen Strydom 11 months ago

    I have great admiration & respect for the Cuban people. I hope they don't lose their unique culture now that US companies are able to "invade" them

  • George Lopez 11 months ago

    They did not accepted the money because it is …..ILLEGAL!! If they were worry about your camera, can you imagine what's life for the average Cubans?

  • Kadalino Damarlane 11 months ago

    Nice place!

  • Ugly country Cuba is dangerous for tourists

  • adios dolores 11 months ago

    One of best travel videos on YouTube : tone,originality,film quality, editing, new information, contrarian, genuine

  • Nick C 11 months ago

    See cigarettes are bad don’t smoke

  • Nick C 11 months ago

    See cigarettes are bad don’t smoke

  • Muhammad Razzaq 11 months ago


  • Hanumanthareddy Pabbathi 11 months ago

    I लाइक्ट this

  • f. smeenk 11 months ago

    Allemaal chit

  • Ronny Sterling 11 months ago

    Nasty, Cuba needs a good nuking

  • Big Smoke 11 months ago

    if u ever go to cuba u must visit varadero….

  • Its Aaron 11 months ago

    They like to get naked

  • David Evans 11 months ago

    oh I am out here 🙂 wow such amazing lifestyle, i loved the car show filmed in cuba, shows how being a taxi driver is the best job, how they use their resources that they have

  • CARLOS F. DIAZ B. 11 months ago

    Es asi como estos HDP quieren tener a Venezuela!!

  • KAILASH ITAWADIYA 11 months ago

    love thebody

  • Mario Arcos 11 months ago

    the cubans they not poor what is it are blind s couse they not seen is richness

  • paulavansternburg 11 months ago

    Hey Ben, I'm wondering where Alaska was in this video??