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Our Bali adventures continue as we explore the southwestern part of the island. We try Nasi Padang, an Indonesian feast of colorful dishes. Friendly warning: you touch, you pay! We also catch the sunset at Blue Point Beach next to Uluwatu Surf Break. Lots of tourists in the area, making it an opportune area to make new friends and join travels with. There are quieter areas where you can enjoy solo time by people-watching 🙂 Watch the travel vlog to see the evening unfold!


FEATURED PLACES (in order of appearance):
+ Blue Point Beach (Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia)
+ Rumah Makan ACC Minang (Jl. B.Katamso, Titi Kuning, Medan Johor, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20158, Indonesia)


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Note: This video was filmed in October 2016.

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  • Annahi Zaragoza 11 months ago

    Mina, what's the face mask product you're using in this video?

  • Brandon Eng 11 months ago

    did you go to rock bar at the Ayana Hotel in Bali!! it was cool, it is by the rocks and ocean. their was a band and many neon lighths!!

  • Life of Pye 11 months ago

    Great vlog! Indonesian food is incredible!

  • homesteader downunder Australia. 11 months ago

    What did they do with all the food after you finish with.

  • febry smith3217 11 months ago

    Hallo im dari indonesia that menns hi im from indonesia

  • Mulyanti Amoi 11 months ago

    Hi i from indonesian im 11

  • Bagus Achmad Faizal 11 months ago

    You must try trip in Yogyakarta its very good too same Bali

  • Kenji Eresmas 11 months ago

    wow!! i love it!!

  • Ahmad Dzaky 11 months ago

    You supposed to eat the sambal with rice 😂 mixing it with rice or dip the dish into the sambal 😁

  • Wenny Prayogo 11 months ago

    Everyone so freak out about the leftover food.. Don't be so over reacted please.. Unless we use clean spoon to the food, the food will be find, it called manners of eating.. Your mom never cook for you? If there's a leftover food, she will throw it away? That's stupid if you do that, wasted of food.. If not, you still can eat it right? Because you are using a clean spoon to take out the food and you take with your hand only what you want to take not grab it with all your hand.. Anyway, you still can pick anything you like in your plate if you don't want to choose your food in your table.. 😂