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What’s up you lovely lot 🙂

Its been 3 years since we last visited the magic that is Walt Disney World, Florida, but first we have to get there…. We saved for so long & made many sacrifices in order to make this trip happen 🙂

We flew with Virgin Atlantic & managed to get upgraded to Premium Economy, which was fantastic. The seats were very comfortable and the food was actually delicious considering its plane food. In fact we were both so full and couldn’t manage to eat it all.

The service from Virgin was impeccable, all the staff were lovely, faultless in fact. If we were ever fortunate enough to go again, we would LOVE to do premium economy as we loved it 🙂

BUT…..It does not matter where you sit on the plane, your all going to the same place 🙂

We don’t know if Hurricane Irma had anything to do with the turbulence as at that point Irma was still over the Atlantic heading towards Florida. Unfortunately Del is a very nervous flyer & nothing seems to help, we have tried medication, adult drinks but sadly nothing helps…. So with this vlog you will see a transformation from being completely scared, to incredibly excited as soon as the wheels touched down at MCO Airport, that’s when the holiday really begins and the first time you feel that Floridan heat is always amazing 🙂

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Love & Respect

Get Binky – “Do What Makes You Happy”.

This vlog was filmed in September 2017 & edited prior to the tragedy that occurred on Southwest Airlines on 18/04/18. We did not want to release this vlog until we felt it was appropriate as this vlog contains references that some may find offensive and or distasteful. Please note this is not our intention and this vlog is purely for entertainment and holiday/ vacation planning purposes only. We hope you understand.

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  • Tris Huckle 10 months ago

    All good stuff though guys honestly, sully, that’s actually scared the littlen a bit….probably not you’re greatest bit of editing…sorry.

  • Dave B 10 months ago

    You didn't come during hurricane season? We're been waiting for you..bwahahahaha"

  • Debra Cl 10 months ago

    Great vlog… fun……but truthfully I am the same type of flyer, so i can totally relate!!! We all need to conquer our fears ….you did great!!!

  • alan window 10 months ago

    Oh My God, Someone else who counts down 🙂

  • alan window 10 months ago

    To avoid flying to Orlando, cruise to New York and train down

  • Awe completely understand your fear! I am terrible on a plane! I don’t move, don’t go to the loo and can’t watch anything! I had Valium and several double vodkas on last flight over and it made it go quicker but didn’t help the fear:( on way home I took a panic attack and my full body was numb! It’s awful! But……I will only fly virgin to Orlando now as the air hostesses picked up my fear straight away and explained things to me. I wasn’t looking for attention but appreciated the support and assurance! Now I have came across a vlog from a woman who is in a Manchester to Orlando flight. Her vlog bizarrely seems to be helping with my anxiety as we fly back out in September! I have been very anxious since the start of the year but for some reason her vlog calms me! Have a watch and let me know if you feel better watching it or if I’m just crazy lol love you guys! Best vlogs on you tube!!! The channel is Aunty Debs & Sav and it’s the vlog which is 18:35 long:) hope it helps a little! If it does then this woman is a genius lol

  • Adventures With Zak 10 months ago

    A chilled Saturday morning re-watching these amazing vlogs preparing for our trip in 10 days 😊😊

  • What room type did you get was it water view riverside view garden view or standard please?

  • Ingham Edits #ifam 10 months ago

    I hate flying probably because my first flight was with school around 2 years ago we had bad turbulence there and back like really bad the plane was rocking and shaking like a roller coaster it was that bad. It was only 3 hours worst 3 hours of my life I'm determined to fly again.

  • Lou and Han 10 months ago

    i know excatly how you feel, i hate flying too i used to have extreme panic attacks. My nan actually taught me a way to keep calm especially during take off and it really works may be worth a try if you want me to let you know it has 100% helped me and make me a dfferent person

  • Paul Russell 10 months ago

    Del, I can totally sympathise with you! I used to love flying, but since a bad experience (coming home from Florida back in 2001) I struggle with turbulence. Take off and landing I’m totally fine with, but freak out when we hit turbulence. I have good flights where I’m calm and occasionally have a peak out the window and bad flights where I just cling to the armrest for the whole flight!
    I do try hypnotherapy, which has helped, I also discovered that watching movies (especially ones I really like) help to take my mind off things!
    I find travel days somewhat of a struggle, the anticipation of getting on the plane is horrible. But once I sit down, I seem to calm a little, then once we’re in the air, the bumps usually get to me a bit.
    We came back from out Florida holiday yesterday on the Virgin flight to Glasgow (in the bubble), the flight was fine up the US and Canada, once we got to the Atlantic however, it started to get a bit choppy for 3/4’s of the Jumanji movie (which kept my mind off the turbulence for a bit, though there were a few bumps that did scare me). Then it was smooth sailing to Glasgow.

  • Gav Boden 10 months ago

    guys, your vlogs are sooooo professional now, you do such a great job. The flight looked scary and your faces were a picture. Port Orleans looks amazing. I wanna go NOW

  • David Thacker 10 months ago

    That an awesome looking airplane. I want to fly Virgin over seas. What a great resort room. We love Port Orleans. I just remembered the Hurricane happened during your trip. I remember watching your live videos now.

  • Little Owl Loves 10 months ago

    Just found your channel and I'm loving it. Your editing is boss! 😄👏 xx

  • Leap Year Thing 10 months ago

    Love this so much! You had us laughing and feeling nervous for you! Can’t wait to see the rest of the trip 😁 xx

  • Fandomlife 10 months ago

    These videos are amazing. There are a handful of channels I am being inspired by at the moment to try different things. Film more. Etc. These are on the list. The immediacy of them and the feeling your along for the ride is amazing.

    A technical question – do you captures all the footage on just two cameras the G7X and the Go Pro?