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My first time in Utrecht and exploring the city alone without a map! Hope you enjoy watching me getting lost and acting clueless xD. Still had tons of fun though and loved the city! Would definitely recommend as a day trip πŸ™‚

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  • freestyleNL 11 months ago

    If you want to go in the tower you
    Must go call of go to the info building

  • EASTMEETSWEST by Jeroen & Kyn 11 months ago

    πŸ”˜ Hi Jazzy New subbie here
    πŸ”˜ I live in The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Utrecht is where my husband works alternating in The Hague
    πŸ”˜ Feel FREE to leave a comment in ANY of our vlogs you likeπŸ‘πŸ»

    Love & Travels (&sometimes make up)

    EASTMEETSWEST β„’ by Jeroen & Kyn

  • kleine teen 11 months ago

    the tower after the windmill is a watertower, used to keep the water tabs on presure for a region. in a lot of places they are replaced by pumps now but some are still in use.

  • marmvb mulder 11 months ago

    The reason you can sit/walk trough the canal instead of A'dam it's because Utrecht is way,way,way, better than A'dam!

  • Jacobus Johannes 11 months ago

    Utrecht is also called little Amsterdam

  • Jamie Banks 11 months ago

    I love getting lost in new cities and just exploring. These houses are so cute by the water. So charming. Awesome vlog ! 😊

  • Daphne Xplores 11 months ago

    Haha sometimes it's fun getting lost in a new city πŸ™‚ Great video!

  • Tommy Klein 11 months ago

    Awesome video Jazzy loving the Europe videos!