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In this vlog I travel around Old Delhi, visiting the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid mosque, the streets of Chandni Chowk, the Spice Market, and the resting place of Mahatma Gandhi, at Raj Ghat.




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  • Akshat Pundir 1 year ago

    India is one of the fastest growing economy in world.I know that you may consider India is poor but as the government has recently changed it is trying to improve.The new government has started new campaigns for Farmers and citizens.It has the third most powerful army in world.The old Indian government used to suck but as people understood their mistakes finally new ruling party was elected after 25 years and now India has, recently successfully sent 104 satellites at space (101 Western and 3 Indian) at once in a budget of just 72 million dollars lesser than the budget of NASA.India also had rich natural resources (Diamond was first mined in India) but the Britishers took away everything.The precious diamond Kohinoor which is from India is currently in Buckingham palace. Indians also like to help underdeveloped countries, countries which suffer from terrorists attack. In 2015,Our country donated 90 million USD to Fijian government .Our government also helped Afghanistan build it's parliament and now India is 7 th richest country in world and it is expected India may become superpower by 2025 after Usa and China (China is estimated to be next super power).

  • Sukhi Kaur 1 year ago

    Nice video it reminds me of my Delhi visit v hustle n bustle in Delhi

  • prashant kurle 1 year ago

    I think u love India.

  • Gus Sanz 1 year ago

    Thanks for the knowledge, seems effortless to you.

  • alexandros venetos 1 year ago


  • Indira Chandra 1 year ago

    Hey, Jason, I like the background music very good choices. So did you visit South India? it is cleaner then North India, I hope you have chance to visit bcz you can see differentiation of North and South India, especially Madras, now it call Chennai, If you love train travelling there is call Chennai Express train, that is so long travell on River, beautiful I never travelIed only saw in movies I hope to see one day you vlog if you visit. I like your vlogs bcz you show so detail and focused on things which we want to see.
    it is so beautiful sitting in your home watching vlogs that was my dream all times. धन्यवाद, ధన్యవాదాలు, THANK YOU.. ENJOY

  • Dee 90 1 year ago

    I live in Delhi but I request everyone to not to visit these places specially the Old Delhi parts..rather visit the south Delhi which is far better and totally opposite to old Delhi…you would definitely like it and if you want then just hire a guide..they will show the important places Which you need to visit..

  • Lara Pinto 1 year ago

    Jason When in india, visit for 1) white sand turcoise beaches a) Andaman Nicobar island ( in it Neil, Havelocks, rose and smith, radhanagar beach, elephant beach) and B) Lashyadweep Islands (in it Bangaram, thinikhara, kadmat). 2) For dessert and palaces — a) Udaipur, Pushkar, jodhpur, Jaipur – Rajasthan. 3) For himalayas – a) Leh, ladhak, rothang pass, Manali, Tawang, gantok, sikkim- Natu la pass. 4) For laid back beach – Goa. 5) For backwaters, tree house, boat, hill station – a) Kerala – Alleppey, wayanand, Munnar. 6) for hill station – coorg, Munnar, Tawang, gantok, Shillong. 7) relgious shrines of all religion a) punjab amritsar golden temple, Rishikesh, dharamshala, bodh Gaya (where buddha got enlightenment. 8) for monuments and forts – delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Bengal, gujarat. To see all these tourist places check youtube vlogs  1) India Ghoomo , 2) India in motion … Best time visit India is September to Jan end (winters),.

  • merry cris villanueva 1 year ago

    its pretty amazing when you get to travel in different places , places where lies the ancient temples, mosque, monuments and so on. a real life adventure when you find yourself lost and yet you just have to walk and walk. i have that expereinces too when i went to Dilijan in Armenia by myself yet was quite sick that time but was still travelling all alone. find it a pretty exciting adventure….
    loves your videos Jason…..

  • মaina woo bin 1 year ago

    Come to northeast India it's beautiful here and it's truly paradise unexplored 😍. Visit all the seven sisters and the brother

  • music melody 1 year ago

    fi you are still in deli , don't forget to go lotus temple

  • Anjan Singh 1 year ago

    go to hauz khas area,pretty chill or shahpur jat,if u planning to visit areas around delhi,which u must like noida ,gurgaon to see a different side of the story,lemme know

  • Lodbrok 1 year ago

    Hi Jason, I'm hooked on your India vlogs. How did you find out about all these great places? Simple google search maybe?
    Good job bro!

  • Space Hobo 1 year ago

    Keep it up Jason – u got the gift….:-)

  • EXCLODIA 1 year ago

    Wow. This good vlog video. Im also in india right now. You can watch my youtube chanel. Thanx

  • china and india which is better?

  • alon d 1 year ago

    Looks interesting enjoy your time there, cheers!

  • Sourya Mookerjee 1 year ago

    Hello Jason! The reason which convinced me in subscribing to your channel is your beautiful vlogs and the depth of knowledge that you have gathered already about my country, India. Though I live in the Southern Indian metropolis of Chennai (Formerly Madras), I shall be grateful to help and assist you in your journey in any way possible. I have travelled extensively throughout India, so do feel free for tips or guidance while navigating through this vast nation.
    All the best mate 🙂 Keep it up!