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Our Osaka travel guide! What a hidden treasure this place is, I didn’t want to leave. So often overlooked by visitors to Japan, Osaka is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to. Creative, gritty, exciting, and full of some of the best food I’ve ever had.

Osaka should be very high on your travel bucket list, you’ll love ever second of it; friendly people, great nightlife, Osaka has it all in spades.

The best way to discover the food in Osaka is on Arigato Japan food tour.

For more information about visiting Japan, be sure to check out the Japan National Tourism Organisation

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  • Attaché 1 year ago

    We spent a long time on the music choices for this episode and it seems to be paying off. We've had tons of requests for a playlist, so here you go:
    The only song that's not on there is the track at 8m22s which is this

  • Vins and Yosh 1 year ago

    Great video! Very informative and insightful. We've been to Osaka numerous times and we still can't get enough of it. Also, every time we go back, we still get confuse of it's railway system. The ICOCA is very handy to our Japan travels!

  • Taro Miyamoto 1 year ago

    I would say Osaka is Japan's LA, not Chi-town.

  • d#rKDragon3s 32 1 year ago

    Man, Tokyo might be popular, but Osaka definitely has something to offer as far as I'm concerned.

    For one thing, Osaka is warmer, sunnier, and has less rain than Tokyo. That's one plus in comparison.

    Second, Vanillaware, one of my favourite and highly respected Japanese game developers, comes from, you guessed it, Osaka the city. Thirdly, last but not least, their the home-base of Tombow. Tombow makes pencils, among others, and the Tombow Mono 100 is my favourite pencil on the planet, literally.

    Lastly, people from Osaka are very friendly in general. You can confirm this from just seeing the video. On top of that, I had a teacher once, one of whose parents came from the metropolitan area of Osaka. He was friendly. So that's bias-confirmed.

    Even though Tokyo might be richer, it is also more crowded even. Understand also, that, despite being fairly large, Osaka is not a capital city, at least not the country's.

    It's a city with friendly people trying it's best. It also has a good climate. Even though Tokyo has more facilities to offer, and people might prefer Tokyo because of that, which includes me, to be honest, Osaka is still worth your time to visit.

    This has a couple of reasons.

    1.) Culture is much different from Tokyo. It's the heart of Kansai.
    2.) Less rich people living in their own bubbles than in Tokyo, if you think that's a good thing at least.
    3.) Superb companies like Tombow and Vanillaware, Panasonic, residing there.
    4.) Distinctively different, southern feel, compared to Tokyo.

    Should you visit Tokyo if you visit Japan? Of course. Everyone does. Should Osaka, however, be a second city to visit on your list? In my eyes, yes.

  • fikri jasri 1 year ago

    been there done that

  • Sun Cheas 1 year ago

    Spot on video about Osaka. I am here now visiting the amazing city. Amazing and sometimes confusing trains. Amazing food. Best advice that I can repeat from the video is to wander down the streets for food and try. Amazing city.

  • ALL NIGHT 1 year ago

    Atlanta too

  • Sleepyheadx X 1 year ago

    wow their train seems so complicated! omg!! is it very hard to get from osaka to nara?

  • YoCho Productions 1 year ago

    This makes me can't wait for my next trip to osaka

  • Mari Daza 1 year ago

    Annoyed with sound levels, they're inconsistent so we have to keep adjusting the volume. Otherwise the vids are helpful.

  • Endah L. Puri 1 year ago

    The egg sandwich! The best in the world indeed 😍

  • LegendaryOn99 1 year ago

    what camera and lens was used here? love the shots!

  • k1awdttt 1 year ago

    Subbed for great editing and music. Love Gold Panda and HK represent! Shout out to Kid Fresino and jjj also.

  • Juls Mac 1 year ago

    Absolutely love this video and the music! I just discovered that my trip to Japan in September can now include three nights in Osaka… and I'm so excited, especially after seeing this. Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are two of my all-time favourite foods so I cannot WAIIIIT to try them in Osaka! Not to mention Harry Potter world 🙂

  • maud chiau 1 year ago

    How long would you recommend spending in osaka and or kobe?

  • fossilfern 1 year ago

    Man i want to go back to Japan. Went to Tokyo in 2016 and Osaka looks like my next stop.

  • Stone L 1 year ago

    Which restaurant did he eat kushikatsu at?

  • Kateryna Khomenko 1 year ago

    Thanks for these awesome videos about Japan! Very helpful! I'm flying there this Friday, cant wait! What is the name of the song playing on 8:30 ?

  • KyTruong Dam 1 year ago

    The awsome video for anyone going to explore Japan.

  • Ming Sheng 1 year ago

    Malaysian foods are so much better to eat. And so much cheaper.

  • Allan Lamb 1 year ago

    Osaka is not only one of the best cities in Japan, it's one of the best in Asia imho. I absolutely love Osaka

  • ugotdusted 1 year ago

    Add the end of the video, he literally described my first visit to Japan. I skipped Osaka, and only visited Tokyo and Kyoto.

  • Justin Muhlach 1 year ago

    Hi Where did you eat the okonomiyaki I'm going in osaka next month I want to eat there look cool thanks.