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Great backpack for traveling abroad! Need a versatile pack for your next trip to another country on an airplane? This is the pack for you!

I only add that would not recommend this backpack for solely backpacking. Osprey makes other great packs for that too! Osprey Farpoint 55 Review

Be sure to check out their website here:

Here are some useful specs on this backpack:

Volume: Main pack- 40 L Daypack- 15 L
Weight: 3.9 Lbs.
Dimensions: 24″ x 13″ x 13″
Fabric: 210D Nylon mini Hex Diamond Ripstop

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  • Esteban Balvin 7 months ago

    Dude, I'm going to Europe in June since you also went there , wonder if I can pass this 55L on Vueling and Easyjet as carry on in cabin. This is an awesome backpack and I don't want to end up buying the farpoint 40L. Thanks aswesome video

  • Tszfung Tse 7 months ago

    how about 5'7" man which size would you recommend?? thanks a lot!!!

  • RELATOR 4 7 months ago

    Jack ,the bag is water proof ? thanks

  • Luis Romero 7 months ago

    Hey by any chance does anyone know if this bag is water resistant? I'd like a bag that will keep my stuff dry in case of any rainy days.

  • henryl0l 7 months ago

    Hey, great review! Quick question, I'm 5'9 and average build. Which size would you recommend? S/M or M/L? Thanks!

  • salik enequist 7 months ago

    Jack. Do you think you could use this for interrailing? Jack.

  • AstronoBEAds 7 months ago

    Just ordered one for my trip to Spain! Thank you so much for this review Jack. The day pack is going to be perfect for carrying my camera. I can't wait to use it abroad!

  • john henry nael 7 months ago

    sir jack.what size is this? tha S/M or s M/l? thans for the info cause I have a friend has it… and its volcanic grey color… thanks and I appreciate the info… really good review

  • Patrick Fealy 7 months ago

    can you cary it on?

  • ReneJara Thompson 7 months ago

    hey can i carry a tent and a sleeping bag with that backpack ?

  • Cory Whittlesey 7 months ago

    Great video! Very helpful!

  • Bree Anne Rubel 7 months ago

    Do you think I could fit a tent/sleeping pad/sleeping bag in this along with some personal items?

  • Rizkia Anjani 7 months ago

    does this backpack suitable for someone with the height of 5'2 (158cm)?

  • Spencer Healy 7 months ago

    I just bought this pack in Caribbean blue for my trip to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and Panama 🇵🇦. Can't wait

  • Great review! Thanks

  • Kevin Regalado 7 months ago

    Hey man, do you think that this backpack will make it on Ryanair?

  • Anosh Sequeira 7 months ago

    Great Video. I ordered the 40 now I'm wondering if I should have got the 55. Didn't realise this could be used as a carry on as well.

  • Ľuboš Ďurica 7 months ago

    best review of this backpack on YT 🙂 and wtat about raincover?

  • Hector Clandestino 7 months ago

    Awesome review! Thanks a lot, im looking into buying this to travel Europe for a month.

  • Mark Liangco 7 months ago

    Amazing review Jack! I was eyeing this backpack for a while and your review sealed the deal for me to get this for my South East Asia trip. Thanks!

  • Miguel De La Cruz 7 months ago

    Did your friend say if he ever had to check the bag? Or was he able to use it as a carry-on item?

  • heitoralthmann 7 months ago

    Thank you Jack! Excellent video! (: