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Hi Everyone! Here’s a bonus video! It’s our first time doing our own vlog. Do you want to be notified when we post a new video? If so, please subscribe….
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  • Talya Stern 11 months ago

    lets get them to 2 million subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!😘😘😄😄

  • TOTransitGuy7755 11 months ago

    We're heading to Orlando in August.

  • Mariam Eissa 11 months ago

    OMG I loooooooooooooooooove bratayley guys you are sooooooooo lucky

  • Ayva Espinda 11 months ago

    Can you make more blogs pls! I love too see you guys and stuff! You should really make more!

  • Jersey Lynn 11 months ago

    I have been to Orlando Florida and we went to the upside down house

  • noony's channel 11 months ago

    26 April is my birthday 🎉

  • Dhiradj Debidajal 11 months ago

    hi i.m koming tomoriw to orlando

  • TOTransitGuy7755 11 months ago

    Orlando feels like a Canadian city.

  • ashley silvas 11 months ago

    y'all see Annie

  • Just Haley25 Baldacchino 11 months ago

    Orlando is very cool and very a nice place.Who agree?? I agree.!!

  • Kailey Plumb 11 months ago

    the view from your holtel at night is so pretty. 😄😄😄

  • Mermaid Isa 11 months ago

    I've stayed there!! Isn't it great?!

  • Dream Paris 11 months ago

    Your so lucky Jacy and kacy that you meet the bratayley family

  • Dinda Mardha 11 months ago

    can you guys do more vlogs cause i love watching them……i love you so much

  • Chris Neill 11 months ago

    yall are the best YouTubers ever🐶😉😉

  • ZARA KHAN 11 months ago

    please tell which video camera do u use

  • Pedro Spignolio 11 months ago

    I went their before

  • Khadia Jamal 11 months ago

    could you please do a video with your mother

  • Molly Barber 11 months ago

    I've been to Orlando twice

  • Jami Harding 11 months ago

    The hotel looked so cool

  • Madison Kraft 11 months ago

    Did you meet Danielle Cohn? She goes to playlist live like everyday because she lives in Orlando, Flordia!!!
    She is my idol and she is amazing and you would love her so much because she is just like you guys!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    Love, Maddie