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Here are all my top tips on what to pack this summer as a camp counselor, as well as J1 Visa info and some travel advice for planning your adventures afterward πŸ™‚ I’ve been quite sick so sorry if I sound a little funky, I just really wanted to make this video! Let me know if you guys are heading to camp this year (if so, which camp??) and where you want to visit.

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  • Connie Ferris 11 months ago

    This video is very true and relatable. I went to camp last summer and this packing guide is spot on.

  • aidan hulse 11 months ago

    I'm heading off for my third year as a counsellor at a summer camp in Alberta, Canada in two days!! If you do end up going up north, I highly recommend going to the Canadian National Parks in Alberta and BC, like Waterton Lakes (the most southern) Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootney. They are all absolutely breathtaking. Good luck this year and have fun!!

  • It's Roks 11 months ago

    What do you do about the marshmallows? Because obvs the normal kind aren’t veggie? Will I miss out or can you get veggie ones?

  • Brooklyn Antone 11 months ago

    I'm going to camp Hermosa in Canada Goderich Ontario it's so much fun best place in the world

  • Brooklyn Antone 11 months ago

    Hi I'm Brooklyn l'm going to camp in couple weeks when I'm going to be a camp counselor when I'm older hope you have a good time at camp year

  • Laura Shepherd 11 months ago

    Currently at camp in PA! love this vid ❀️

  • Julia Merel 11 months ago

    I'm gonna be a first time counselor this year!

  • WhitneyPooh 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for the best information! I leave Monday morning for my first ever trip, flight, and flight alone to my first time being a summer camp counselor in Connecticut !! This is crazy and amazing all at the same time. Even though I’m nervous I’m very excited to experience this journey for the first time ever!

  • Ella Sanderson 11 months ago

    Hey Ally! Nervous and excited to be heading off to Camp Pontiac (Copake, New York) from London in 2 days. How long did you travel for after camp? Did you plan this with people you met at camp? Did you budget and find it easy to travel with a certain amount of money? Sorry if you have already covered this! Also I am vegan so I'm looking forward to the different food choices they may have at my camp! Thanks for these videos, great help xo

  • Katie B 11 months ago

    In my family, we have a navy blue suitcase that we've added a little cream ribbon to the top handle of so we can identify it at baggage claim, and a green suitcase that has a rainbow-coloured strap/belt tied around it.

  • Conor Flannery 11 months ago

    Ally, stumbled across this video in my little research as I'm going to camp next week. And heard you mention that vegan chocolate for the s'mores and was so surprised as I'm vegan too! What's the food options for vegans at a typical camp like? Did you bring your own little bits of vegan food or anything or could they give you enough vegan food etc

  • Nadia Burigo 11 months ago

    OMG, i really wanna be a camp counselor!! Your videos get me so excited. Thanks for sharing! And I hope you have a great time this season! You might don’t know but you encourage lots of people, including me. Love from Brazil. πŸ™‚

  • Alyssa Paige 11 months ago

    i’m leaving for Camp Twin Creeks in West Virginia on the second of June i’m so excited!!

  • Nicole Chan 11 months ago

    Thanks so much! I always panic about what to pack!

    Would you be able to do a video about after camp travels and do you know whether it's cheaper to book us to us flights closer to the time or asap? X

  • leaving soon for my first summer, I heard you say Connecticut and turns out my camp is only a 45 minute drive from yours how weird! Thanks for the tips πŸ˜€

  • joannaa05 11 months ago

    I'm leaving for camp in exactly three weeks! Heading to Camp Homeward Bound in NY. Watching your videos helps me so much!

  • A Sens 11 months ago

    Being a general counselor is great because you get to really bond with your kids.
    But speciality is also great because you get to meet all types of kids and different campers

  • Rebecca 11 months ago

    it’s my first time doing camp this year! i leave in two weeks, i’m going to camp chen-a-wanda in pennsylvania

  • MrsLOVE25xxx 11 months ago

    Hey fellow Aussie ! (I'm from Tassie)… I'm off to Camp Small Valley in Pennsylvania…. I leave next Sunday so not long now (so excited)… I have my itinerary planned for post camp, already got a little group going; Boston, New York (Niagara Falls whilst we are there), DC, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, South Dakota (for Mount Rushmore), Wyoming (for Yellowstone), Seattle, Vegas (Grand Canyon tour whilst there), San Francisco (Alcatraz and Yosemite whilst there) and finish up in LA, action packed 29 days but keen as a bean !! Hope you have an amazing (second) summer !! Your videos have been great by the way as I am a first timer πŸ™‚

  • ellenrosie 11 months ago

    I'm thinking of going to be a Camp Counsellor next year. Super excited but really nervous. Love your channel, your videos are really helpful!

  • Annieonnie 11 months ago

    Yes thank you so much, thinking about camp is the only thing getting me through uni exams! Such great advice, super excited for my first time camp Canada πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸžοΈ xx

  • Alyssa Herbst 11 months ago

    going to kansas!!!

  • Elise Hill 11 months ago

    Thank you for making this video! I'm leaving for camp in 2 weeks! Its my first time and I'm going to Minnesota, I'm so excited and nervous.

  • Lily Drummond 11 months ago

    I am going to camp next year! waiting for applications to open!! I am so excited πŸ™‚