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We had a bit of a fail today! we were supposed to go on a boat tour around the Bastillas Island but due to the weather the port was closed. That meant we had a few hours to laze around Paracas before heading out to the Paracas National Park with Peru Hop! We visited some viewpoints & came back to the town for a quick takeaway dinner to eat on the bus!

Our bus was the last trip of our Peru Hop tour! We went from Paracas to Lima, stopping at the San Jose secret tunnels on the way.

Tomorrow is our last day in South America!!

**Travel Day – 5/07/17 | Paracas to Lima, Peru, South America**

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  • Donna Hoyt 9 months ago

    Jane your enthusiasm is through the roof. I ❤️it! It looks like an amazing town there. It's wonderful.
    Have lots of fun you guys