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Join us we travel travel from Porto to Madrid with a series of bus rides (starting with Porto to Vigo with an overnight stay) in this Spain travel vlog. Firstly we kick things off with an apartment tour in Porto. The place was great in many regards as it had nice showers with good water pressure, a big living room, a fully equipped kitchen and cool artwork; however, the lack of central heating and energy efficiency meant we were really cold especially in the mornings and nights. It would have been a great property in the spring/summer/fall but definitely not winter:

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Our first leg of the journey was to take a 2.5 hour bus from Porto to Vigo, Spain to stay overnight at a hotel. The following morning we woke up early to take an eight and a half bus ride from Vigo to Madrid which was a tiring day.

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Porto to Madrid Bus Ride | Spain Travel Vlog Video Transcript:

Today is another travel day and actually it is going to be two back to back travel days because someone underestimated distances.

Tell us what happened. Going from Porto to Madrid yes is not an easy option there is sometimes overnight buses that are direct and sometimes there is day buses but on the day we have to leave there isn’t an option that works for us. Basically what we’re doing is we are heading north from Porto to Vigo in Spain. Not to sightsee just to stay overnight in a hotel. Then the following morning we’re going to wake up and then we’re going to take a direct bus to Madrid in the morning.

That allows us not to travel at night and it also allows us to kind of break up the trip a little bit. But before we do that we’ll give you a tour of our apartment here in Porto. Yes our place in Porto let’s show our apartment here.

That is the apartment tour. That is where we stayed. That is it. So now what we’ve got to do is we’re going to go find a taxi, get to the bus station and we have a short day trip basically up to Vigo. To España. And then we’re going to chill. But yeah bye bye Portugal, Hello Spain.

And a much needed update. Oh my gosh we made it to Vigo. So did we talk about the price for our tickets?

We paid 12 Euros per person booked our tickets online and it was 2.5 hour bus ride. We stopped in the city of Braga halfway along the way. And yeah it was a pretty quick trip. Now we’re all checked in at our hotel. We took a taxi to the hotel. There was no way we were walking. Yeah. That was only 5 Euros. And we gained an hour by switching into Spain.

Now we’re just trying to find a restaurant in our neighborhood. We’re going to go out for dinner and then maybe have a little walk and call it a night. Tomorrow is the long day. Tomorrow eight thirty in the morning we are catching another bus to Madrid.

Good morning guys.

We haven’t been up this early in a while. It has been a little while. Um we woke up at like 5:30. The plan is now is we need to go and catch a cab to get to the bus station. I think it is the same bus station.

If yesterday was a short ride the bus ride today is anything but. We have something close to an eight hour bus ride to Madrid.

We’ve arrived at long last. That was a very long bus trip. It must have been like something close to 8 hours in total. Yeah, we’re all just really tired and we have like 2 hours to kill before our AirBNB is going to be available so we’ve just found a food court here. I forgot to tell you how much the bus ticket was. How much was it?

It was 47 Euros per person. Not cheap but it was a long ride. It wasn’t cheap but it was comfortable enough and we’re just going to kill some time and then check into our airbnb.

Made it to Madrid. All checked in to our apartment. Yes. We are tired. We are very tired. We’ll see you in the next video.

This is part of our Travel in Spain video series showcasing Spanish food, Spanish culture and Spanish cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Portugal video series showcasing Portuguese food, Portuguese culture and Portuguese cuisine.

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  • Michael Sylvester 8 months ago

    I sure have say thank you for sharing this beautiful footage of landscape to delicious looking food.

  • Luiz Gustavo Lima 8 months ago

    Again guys, almost 4 months delay isn't that too much? Hurry hurry

  • Melina Terriquez 8 months ago

    Omg I love watching your vids!! Please make a video on all types of transportation(cheap) to travel around spain. My husband and I are planning a trip for mid September. Our plan is explore as much as possible in 15 day trip. So any info on how, where to buy tickets (bus, train)thanks

  • Kaustav Kundu 8 months ago

    Sam and Audrey are travel veterans. But one must applaud the energy of Sam's parents. They are awesome.

    P.S.-I have a feeling next time Audrey is going to make the travel day plans. One day there will be no such T shirt for Audrey because they will have visited everywhere 😛

  • Bruno Gambini 8 months ago

    The croissants you ate before getting to Vigo were huge!

  • rayzorhead 8 months ago

    Is it still COLD in both countries??? WOW i thought it would be warm T shirt weather!

  • Sue Souvannavong 8 months ago

    Great job on describing your trips, food, airb&b and cost. You guys are so lively and fun!

  • Thu Ji 8 months ago

    I just know your channel but I really love your video. It's a wonderful trip.

  • Nikita Kheterpal 8 months ago

    I was waiting for a travel vlog since long! Finally it's here.. yayy! I really enjoy yhe scenery as you guys travel from a place to another.. and Sam's conquests from his ' food missions' are certainly interesting to watch 😀 😀

  • Phượt ký 365 8 months ago

    i think travelling by train is wonderfull , we can breacking up the journey with suggested stops in 8 hours .

  • Love your videos!

  • bumzilla 85 8 months ago

    I took the trenhotel from Madrid to Lisbon bumpy but fun

  • André Lier 8 months ago

    I want to get big on Youtube as a vlogger. Can someone be friendly, and give me a sub? I just started, and it would be so epic to get a few subs guys..Thanks alot!!!v

  • andgainingspeed 8 months ago

    Can't go wrong with chocolate and butter combo in that croissant. Thumbs up for the all too brief dance moves during the AirBnb tour.

  • No Copyright Music 8 months ago

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    it helps get your channel rolling so give it a look 🙂

  • Suay Hughes 8 months ago

    It’s great 😘😘😘

  • Claire & Tom Travel 8 months ago

    Oh my gosh, a bus?!? We took a train from Lisbon to Madrid and it took 11 hours, brave people!

  • Ruthie Robles 8 months ago

    You guys are living it up… God bless and I love ur channel

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    your videos always make me hungry, then when i go to my fridge there is no jamon Iberico …its such a letdown ….

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    i think travelling by train is wonderfull , we can breacking up the journey with suggested stops in 8 hours .

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    Hello Dear very nice video good. I like your channel. Dear How are you?

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    Enjoyed your vlog as usual Keep them coming Love you guys

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    Decadence and Bobby D. – doesn't get much better'n that…:-)

  • John Norris 8 months ago

    I wonder why you didn't fly? Porto to Madrid, $39 on Ryanair. 1 hour and 15 minutes.