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First couple of days in Santiago, Chile. Taking care of a few errands like a power adapter and money. Excessive atm fees for foreign cards seems to be the norm here. Get my first impressions of Santiago de Chile walking around the Plaza de Armas. Sleep off a night out and a minor jetlag in one go. See someone get arrested by the police, carabineros, for reasons unknown but there is a good chance he was a homeless person. There are more than a few spread around the square. My first Santiago visit.

My name is Pedro Mota and I ride my trusty Honda Transalp motorcycle around the world. Me and Alp have been on the road now for over two years and have ridden through over thirty countries. This motorcycle adventure has taken us through Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, East Asia and Australia. Meet great people, see extraordinary places. Join me on this motorbike ride around the world and experience life on the road.

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  • Chalo 8667 10 months ago

    Me gustan tus lentes de sol 😎

  • Claudio Benitez 10 months ago

    Como siempre los pacos (the police) abusando 10 contra 1

  • t37able45 10 months ago

    When I was in Australia .. liked   Canberra….Sydney  not that much…no counting the opera house , the bridge and the tower

  • Thoreau 10 months ago

    Too many peruanos.

  • Rodrigo Basualto 10 months ago

    Demasiados peruanitos y extranjeros en CHILE

  • crist67mustang 10 months ago

    You really thing that Santiago town isjust all that bull shit corners from your footage..? No. Those couple of polices fighting with a thief is not an example for showing to the rest of the world. I can see a bad intention. If I take pictures of your country I will choose all those places pretty nice, the construction styles, the streets and cars, people walking, etcetera. And not 2 black men sailing drugs in a corner, or a child with a gun into a school shuting, or a old man sleeping on street. American want find poverty in latinamerica first than any other thing. It is like when tourist go to India, they want to make a movie while poorest it be more wonderful video. UR a shit, then. Respectously ).

  • Paletes3 10 months ago

    "La Cozinheira" ? Awesome "portuñol" Pedro 🙂 I'm having fun going along… Godspeed