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We had never heard of Punjab or Amritsar before coming to travel India, but what a place this is! The Golden Temple blew us away, the ‘Attari Border Crossing’ ceremony was just madness, and the whole state is just such a colorful/ beautiful place to visit.

Watch us travel on the trains once more, then we try our hand at the famous Punjab food stalls and taste all the delicious Indian food.

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  • Atul Sharma 11 months ago

    Again a Nice Episode…
    Sikhism is proud of india

  • Mithun Kartha 11 months ago

    Nice video…say pun and jab punjab..not

  • Shubham Singh 11 months ago

    seems like you overpaid 5:10

  • kay jewl 11 months ago

    Get rid of lena she’s annoying

  • ween cam 11 months ago

    wow that's pretty cool! I went to India also and stayed in Shimla/ Manali and yes Delhi too.🇮🇳/

  • Kishan Yadav 11 months ago

    Nice episode dear 👌🖒

  • ABDUL HAI FAISAL 11 months ago

    Please come in Bangladesh

  • Chryz Versaandi 11 months ago

    When will you guys hit Kerala! It’s amazing

  • LIKE A BOSS 11 months ago

    Good work keep it up

  • ChelseaFC_RK 11 months ago

    I really like this vid… "Its not coming home…whats I said…England lost"

  • Mandeep Kiran Chakrabarty 11 months ago

    Hi all,
    This was one of the best videos, by may want to know that Punjab feeds most of India. It is the biggest cultivation-state of India in terms of rice and flour. How was the 'Amritsari Kulcha (nan 🍞 soaked in Desi Ghee (clarified butter & we love to eat it) along with curry in the morning? The Golden Temple is such a wonder, yes! But, as you are going to Dharmashala, do pay a visit to the spots related to Buddhism and 'H. H. The Dalai Lama', the spiritual head of Buddhism.
    Safe travel!

  • Rahul M 11 months ago

    the wagah border ceremony is so beautiful. it makes me cry 🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤

  • JackyVivid 11 months ago


  • aditya sarkar 11 months ago

    Can't wait for the next episode!
    Hope you guys came to/are planning to visit Calcutta.

  • AROUP KUMAR 11 months ago

    You people really rocks. Love to see you guys

  • mobin mathew 11 months ago

    Come to Kerala,

  • ABBY HARDING 11 months ago

    Your channel is going to blow up soon, I can feel it! It has an honesty that you don’t find on the internet anymore, and I love seeing talented creatives working together ✨absolutely loved this ep

  • Piyush Patil 11 months ago