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  • Brandy Todd 9 months ago

    I luv this vlog! looks like such a cool trip 😊

  • fuck werewolves 9 months ago

    did you guys came California

  • Dear Emily Grace 9 months ago

    ok so I'm in love with your hair

  • Rylee Broach 9 months ago

    you and your sis always have the cutest clothes!!

  • Nikki Silva 9 months ago

    This looks so fun. I wanna do something like this one day. Maybe with my friends.

  • HerBeauty`sInsideOut 9 months ago

    is that your twin sister?

  • Elly Valentini 9 months ago

    Love the editing, the shots, and your family seems to be really funny xD
    Love it all 🙌🙌

  • Emily Malia 9 months ago

    This was so beautifully put together!! I'm so jealous this is something that's definitely on my bucket list, driving through America:))

  • Lindsey Grey 9 months ago


  • Makayla Samountry 9 months ago

    omg all those different views all so gorgeous!!!!

  • C3 Crew 9 months ago

    This was done very well! Congrats on 1,000 subscribers!

  • Here Be Barr 9 months ago

    Lake mead, how cool. I want to make it out there one day. I subscribed, nice job.

  • TypicalJoyce 9 months ago

    That looks amazing, hope you're having fun 🙂

  • huntermerck 9 months ago

    I have literally always wanted to drive across the country in an RV this looks so fun, also question, what kind of camera are you using to vlog

  • CupofTJ 9 months ago

    Nice vlog Courtney love your style!