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Perta Jordan, nearly fainted on that shoot. so hot.

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  • Brendan van Son 9 months ago

    I'm heading to Jordan soon… this looks awesome!

  • Sam McSweeney 9 months ago

    Ha I'm the 30,000th viewer

  • ciscomigue albertito 9 months ago

    please come to seville,and training with me and with my friends .

  • Austin Pica 9 months ago

    *being* not Beijing

  • Austin Pica 9 months ago

    I always train in sweats cuz if I do it in shorts it feels weird and I feel restricted for some reason and the sweats allow me to move without Beijing restricted and with shorts I don't feel as safe for some reason because your legs are more open to get scraped

  • FreeJump3r 9 months ago

    yes i know 🙂

  • Jordan Richards 9 months ago

    its not that he has no fear. Its that he has confidence in himself and trusts in his capabilities. Parkour is not about not being afraid, Its about knowing what to be afraid of…

  • The Cake Glutton 9 months ago

    Been in the desert in Namibia, I can understand you. So jealous about your travels 🙂

  • ne znam sta da pisem 9 months ago

    Ryan u're my idol!!!!
    I would like u to come to Serbia :))) ! <3
    I love doing parkour too and it's great !!!! :))

  • dViz - Mixed Reality, AR, VR, Sports, & More 9 months ago

    it's probably adobe after effects. it's video software that makes that stuff easy.

  • Stauros Theodwridis 9 months ago

    top video ryan 🙂

  • Rubin Henkel 9 months ago

    how do you do light painting in a live video, tell me please !

  • Michał Golonka 9 months ago

    This is breath taking video ! So amazing ! I wonder if i go there someday ! 😀 Someday…

  • Mistersky46 9 months ago

    so amazing! ;D

  • FreeJump3r 9 months ago

    A man with no fear

  • Dovydas Guoba 9 months ago

    What the song off the video

  • Norman Zhou 9 months ago

    I guess that is an after effects work. But not very cool indeed.

  • Eyesforears ears 9 months ago

    You Should Try INDONESIA Ryan….