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Travel video about destination Santiago de Chile.
Santiago De Chile, the capital of Chile, is dignified, modest and European-looking and also lively, modern and full of Latin temperament, a city that has many green areas and a history that covers five hundred years. The Plaza De Armas is the heart of the city and the historic centre of colonial Santiago that contains the city’s most important buildings. The Museo Histórico Nacional is located in the Palacio Real Audiencia. It contains around twelve thousand exhibits that feature Chile’s history from pre-Columbian times right up to the twentieth century. Strikingly dressed in black and white uniforms and brown caps, the soldiers of the guard march across the Plaza De La Constitution towards the La Moneda Palace, an elongated, strictly classical building whose white façade looks almost kitsch with the blue sky as its backdrop. Following restoration work, General Augusto Pinochet moved in and it has been the seat of government ever since. Dictatorship transformed into democracy! The Parque Forestal is situated on the northern edge of the city centre along the Rio Mapocho, a park complex with various varieties of tree. Amid all the green is the German Fountain with, at its centre, a ship with heroic figures and huge birds of prey. Today, the city is looking good and although with colonial roots, Santiago De Chile is now open-minded, modern and cosmopolitan.

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  • Art Ener 11 months ago

    Ytanh m gyfvcv8 j6 t0cbbyogesg yan f 8jre8o.l

  • El Amigo del Diablo 11 months ago

    Símbolo del poder imperial de Chile

  • murd777 11 months ago

    Lima Peru was the most visisted city in Latin America in 2015. Lima was the capital of the Virreynato. Beautiful churches, the amazing Palace of Government, The Cathedral, the balconies all around the downtown Lima. Lima has 2 of the top 10 best restaurants of the entire world.

  • murd777 11 months ago

    Lima Peru was the most visisted city in Latin America in 2015. Lima was the capital of the Virreynato. Beautiful churches, the amazing Palace of Government, The Cathedral, the balconies all around the downtown Lima. Lima has 2 of the top 10 best restaurants of the entire world.

  • nazrul islam 11 months ago

    Excellent Santiago city

  • Matilde MONNIER-GARCIA 11 months ago

    Who's the man who speaks ?

  • Marco Aurelio 11 months ago

    Muito bonito!!

  • Martica Ryan 11 months ago

    Nice country!!

  • Hugo Cortes 11 months ago

    Excellent video, loved it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Francisco Martinez 11 months ago

    awesome music
    0:15 opening theme (electronic)
    0:35 vacation time (samba)
    1:32 emotional (classical)
    2:29 working it (strings)
    2:48 beautiful places (bossa)
    3:34 (western ending)
    3:45 colonial rememberings (spanish guitar)
    4:42 impressive cathedral (fugue)
    5:30 inside god (epic organ)
    6:26 ethnic (marimba)
    7:02 creepy (ambient)
    7:47 (post philip glassy)
    8:38 bassy
    8:50 industrial zone (cockrocker guitar riff)
    9:25 military
    10:08 people of the city (folk)
    16:52 countryside (guitar burning)
    18:30 culture (field recording)
    19:19 (sax solo)
    21:10 to the future (synths + snare)
    22:22 the poet (harp solo)
    25:00 mystic place (zampona’s heart)

  • Jay Young 11 months ago

    Interesting to hear that the Aztec civilization extended that far south!

  • fowler DZ 11 months ago

    I fell in love. .

  • freeyourmind 11 months ago

    keep it civilized chile, the only country i will visit in south america!

  • Haziq Hizamri 11 months ago

    I think Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are the cleanest countries in South America

  • Abd Elaziz Elgoni 11 months ago

    Incridible countery …. I read the story about this countery …. memoranda of Bablo Neruda …. I wish to visit this country ان شاء الله

  • TheThruth2 11 months ago

    I will be visiting Chile later on in the year. I always tell people that they have  some of the best red wine in the world. Now I also found out that they respect the right of babies to be born and ban abortion….another big plus!!

  • كارولينا QEA 11 months ago

    I love Chile <3

  • Felipe Andres Gutierrez Rojas 11 months ago

    In my opinion, do not know what European look you see santiago de Chile, as very few parts have been preserved as ancient, and stumble upon modern buildings like the Torre Entel, etc. I do not mean bad, in fact, I'm Chilean, but I say it does not compare with Europe, eg London, This town does look old and conservation of remarkable culture, not tell by the amount of old buildings but by the people, because we have forgotten all that we are, in fact, not even celebrate something related to our people or ancestry, and if we celebrate the September 18, we have replaced Chicha for beer and games typical for other amusements also sell our natural resources without being aware of it, now, all natural tourist destination is destroyed by the advance of cities. No offense to my own country and with good intentions, the foreigners are right when we sometimes call us "Sell Patria".

  • MarkHitsTheRoad 11 months ago

    I ended up in Santiago almost by accident.  It wasn't on my list of targeted places to visit, but it was the starting point for a tour to Antarctica, so I figured I'd tack on a few days there as I wasn't likely to get back there.  Ended up loving the city.  I saw as much as I could, but could have used more time.  So now Santiago is high on my list of places to return to – along with other places in Chile that I've later read about but didn't see on that trip.  I especially recommend the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art – outstanding.

  • andres roko 11 months ago

    santiago unas de las ciudades mas modernas de latinoamerica totalmente europea..

  • Scott McMahon 11 months ago

    Visiting next year. Can't wait!!!

  • Ali Alhadhrami 11 months ago

    I love Chile its probably one of my favorite if not Favorite country in latin america.  It just looks so clean, peaceful, and professional.  I never really hear about chile on the news or anything either.


  • MeLy181991 11 months ago

    Pinochet brought dictatorship not democracy! Get your facts right and read about all the disappearances and murders that occurred in the 70's! The soundtracks of this video is horrible BTW.
    Chile is wonderful!

  • dalia rishon 11 months ago

    I think there is an error in the video!  The dictator of Chile:  Pinochet ,is  mentioned  in the same sentence with  democracy …

  • fourkero1 11 months ago

    Cuando volveran a la television chilena este tipo de documentales culturales que tan comun fueron al inico de nuestra television nacional universitaria a comienzo de la decada de los 60 y 70 . Por favor , devuelvan la dignidad usurpada a nuestra television nacional .

  • Victor Gonzalez 11 months ago

    chile awesome