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Saudi Arabia, concerned with its traditional values and its unique parameters, is striving to achieve balanced and sustainable development of tourism, which is economically diverse, socially enriching, and creating employment opportunities for its citizens, while preserving its environmental and cultural authenticity.

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  • Fars 12 1 year ago

    The music is not the Saudi Arabia's traditional music .This music is Persian music may be

  • Ra's Al Ghul 1 year ago

    WTF is up with this music?

  • Ali Abdulaziz 1 year ago

    For people who are from English-speaking countries, whom interested in visiting Saudi Arabia during December, or the first two months of the upcoming year, with curiosity about what is in the country and into meeting native people, you can reach me to arrange that in a mean of a non-profiting, voluntary work. Just sharing experiences and examining cultural differences is my basic aim for doing so. This is especially for those who wonder about what would it look like being in Saudi Arabia.

  • only1clover 1 year ago

    The Government needs to smoke some herb and chill. Way to up tight for my liking. Poor women. No freedom….

  • Fiorella Boccelli 1 year ago

    I love your music your food yemen its people

  • Fiorella Boccelli 1 year ago

    territory and there are also people with traditional clothes of yemen and arabia children also should have said not only no arabia Arab world

  • Fiorella Boccelli 1 year ago

    إذا كنت تبحث هناك عن كثب ببطء فيديو أراضي اليمن والمواطنين مع ملابسهم التقليدية ليست فقط لا مجال جزيره العرب اليمن أيضا

  • Paul Schlacter 1 year ago

    It is run by the erazor djin

  • HunterofDoIts 1 year ago

    Very reminiscent of Italy, the land of the relatives of ItaliansAreMoors. Italy is the Saudi Arabia (and Palestine, and Turkey, and Egypt, and Libya) of Europe. They are even genetically closer to such peoples than any other Europeans!

  • sara ev 1 year ago

    At least the people r great there and very nice

  • Shut your fucking monkey face before I shit in your mouth, monkey-boy

  • Ishaque Suubi 1 year ago

    I am considering moving to Saudi Arabia after finishing an education of diplomacy.

  • bevans52 1 year ago

    how i feel about america except the average american is blindly patriotic and not very open minded and I am american i can have my own opinion on my own people with out reviving Hateful comments right? America cries over sandy hook but bombs the children of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria,Lebanon, Pakistan and Yemen then calls itself a christian nation.

  • Amin Halil 1 year ago

    The only think I love is the desert!!! Its awesome!

  • Danny Rooney 1 year ago

    Yes, alot of lovely people! But mad govermant!

  • onthecorner1978 1 year ago

    aziz, i know you like men… hahahahaha

  • onthecorner1978 1 year ago

    you need to eat kabsa all day and breath desert sand. This is what you have… ahh I fogot, also spend money from oil… (in mc donald and buger king hahaha, as this is what is considered the only enjoyable entertainment allowed in saudiaaaahahaha)

  • Mohammed Adam 1 year ago

    Its not safe to go to K.S.A alone,however if you are accompanied with someone it would be great.If you really want to go to Exotic places you could go to the other part of the G.C.C like Jordan etc.Moreover getting a Visa is a big problem to for KSA.I am an Indian here to been to many places in GCC

  • أحمد الشيخ 1 year ago

    Where cities and we do not live in places like this, but these historical places, but we live in Or Villa In our cities green

  • ananyab 1 year ago

    Please, answer my question.

  • ananyab 1 year ago

    I am a 20 years old Indian girl and I love travelling to exotic places all alone. I want to visit Saudi Arabia after watching this but I am not getting confidence. Is it safe for a girl like me to go there alone?

  • sara ev 1 year ago

    @hyuhyuuyh no thats not true…I am a woman and I go out without a man and as an advice if u wanna discover something then u have to see it! sure there is some complicated situations there

  • sara ev 1 year ago

    @za7fe not all of the princes plus there is a corruption by the people who want to make corruption too.

    every 3months I go there and to speak on the side its not that bad of a country at least the people are nice and modern mostly!

  • hyuhyuuyh 1 year ago

    Is this the country where women go to prison if they dare to go out without a supervising male?,yeah,im not crazy enough to go there

  • onthecorner1978 1 year ago

    @perla51 … all ppl I know working in Saudi are trying to escape here in UAE or Qatar… you cannot even walk with a girl if u r a man. The policeman will ask you for the certificate of marriage. if you are not bro & sis, son & mother or sife % husband it is prostitution and u rish 50 lashes… fuck off, it is a shit… women cannot drive or get a taxi… or go by bicycle… NOT ALLOWED…. its a shit of country, u will only eat rice and chicken. Italy it is better