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A travel guide for visiting the Schilthorn in Switzerland. Everything you need to know to visit the Schilthorn including how to get to the Schilthorn from Lauterbrunnen, and what to do at the top of the Schilthorn. I also explore Murren, walk the Brig Thrill Walk, Eat at the Piz Gloria Restaurant, visit the James Bond 007 Museum, and hike down to Gimmelwald.


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  • Tallmanrg 2 weeks ago

    Chris as always your videos ar amazing. The transport to shiltorn is included in the swiss travel pass?, Regards from Argentina ( we also have lots of cows here but different to the swiss ones,, jajajaja)

  • Tanner Wilson 2 weeks ago

    What’s the name of the famous bungee jump in the opening scene of Goldeneye? You can bungee down that same area and I believe (would have to verify this). But I think the Amazing Race TV Show went there one year.

  • Furqan Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    hello sir i am planning to visit swiss in January 2019. kindly tell me January is good to visit swiss or March is good???

  • Jugaluf 2 weeks ago

    I just discovered your wonderful channel and subscribed. How can you not love a guy who dresses like a banana and travels with a panda doll. Love it!

  • Muris Ahmic 2 weeks ago

    This was useful

  • Scottman895 Travel 2 weeks ago

    That looks amazing! I really like how you get to ride in quite a lot of cable cars to get to the top. I probably would feel like a secret agent once I got to the top! I'll definitely have to put this place on my places to visit!

  • ayman alfred 2 weeks ago

    what you do is amazing man

  • Reformatt Show 2 weeks ago

    Awesome! Another video from Switzerland! Keep it up 007

  • Norman Dea 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful video. I remember that 1968 George Lazenby 007 flick. It was disappointing.

  • m kla 2 weeks ago

    Nice video. Heights.😓

  • Arbitrary Exploration 1 week ago

    Awesome video! I love all the information you provide!

  • Jonnie Bangkok 1 week ago


    At Don Muang on the way to Taipei.