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Our Shanghai Travel Guide! It’s finally here, thanks for being so patient everyone. And thanks to our friends at Cathay Pacific for partnering with us on our Shanghai episode and the rest of Season 3 as we discover a #LifeWellTravelled – find out more at

Shanghai is an intense city on all levels. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the stories, Shanghai rewards the curious traveller around every corner. We spent 5 days exploring this incredible city and we can’t wait to get back.

Thanks to Kyle from UnTour Food Tours for showing us around Shanghai’s incredible food scene. Check them out at

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  • Attaché 2 weeks ago

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    We have some incredible rewards available for backers including limited edition signed copies of the book with a personal message from me to you. PLUS, for one backer I will fly to YOUR city and film an episode of Attaché with YOU in it.

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  • wenhao li 2 weeks ago

    Like many Chinese, I personally don't like Shanghai life style very much. Keyword: CROWDED. Backyard? Dreaming.

  • Northkac KK 2 weeks ago

    Book entire magnetic train for filming you so rich bro.

  • Nick K 2 weeks ago

    to exchange $20 on my last day to buy some food, i had to go to a bank, fill out 2 pages of paperwork with some detailed personal info and it took me about 20mins to do all that.. their government really likes to control as much as possible.. they dont have any of those quick small amount exchange booths around the city you see in other parts of asia like HK, BKK etc and the banks close at normal 5-6pm time and after that you have to wait till the next day if you want to exchange at a lower rate at the bank.. that was a bit savage.. otherwise shanghai is still an amazing city

  • Anitha Paramasivam 2 weeks ago

    Nice travel tips. Essential ones.

  • ВАЛЕРА Игры и Путешествия 2 weeks ago

    Буду рад видеть ВАС на моем канале

  • Katherine RN 2 weeks ago

    Great video! I heard so many negative things about Shanghai (like constantly getting approached by scammers), but when we went, we only experienced positive things. Also, the view of the BUND was CRAZY! It was like something from a movie set in the future!

  • Dee L 2 weeks ago

    Quick note: the three-day pass is good for the metro but doesn't include the Maglev Lines.

  • Pedro Scaleia 2 weeks ago

    My God…!!! How Latin America is late … !!! There is no comparison between us, we are behind decades …

  • MP_MP_010 2 weeks ago

    Superb Guide !!

  • MindGamesUnique 2 weeks ago

    Loving the intro Attache
    definitely going to browse your page
    The Best Travel Guide…#WhyVisit

  • Vivian Qi 2 weeks ago

    I go to shanghai every year 😀

  • phos theos 2 weeks ago

    The smog of Shanghai is so sweet, I like it.

  • ozzypresident 2 weeks ago

    take the maglev it travels 17kms at 430kmph disembark at subway station. metro goes everywhere get a transport card. the transport card works on taxis so try that

  • Kering Quesada 2 weeks ago

    NO thank you! Hate the CCP

  • Jocelyn's Garden 2 weeks ago

    Great background music 👍

  • Nothing Nothing 2 weeks ago

    lmmmaaaoooooooo 5:07 is soooo true tho