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I remembering watching videos about Shenzhen and how all our electronics are made here… well here I am!

Exploring the wholesale electronics markets with my sourcing agent Danny Z, who I’ve been in contact with for over a year, helping us deal with our factory (hit me up if u need a good sourcing agent for your amazon business).. so she was find enough to explore around the SZ tech district with us as we do some ‘sourcing tourism’.

SZ is known as the HQ for many hardware tech companies, including the Chinese drone company DJI.

Part 2: Shenzhen Nightlife coming soon! 😛🤟

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SHENZHEN CHINA..VLOG!! 🇨🇳 The Silicon Valley of Manufacturing | Future City Asia Travel Sourcing

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  • Sheila Uy 10 months ago

    You should go to smaller /tier 3 cities in china too..

  • 杨阳 10 months ago

    Narrow Hong Kong people reach the battlefield in five minutes

  • 残風月影 10 months ago

    Will you visit other cities?

  • Mathias Maranhão 10 months ago

    How you found this assistant to drive you in there?
    I'm in much need of an assistant.
    Thanks and keep rolling. Nice gig.

  • Andrea'67 10 months ago

    Great Chinaaa!! 👍

  • El dee 10 months ago

    that girl literally looks like an old fashioned caricature of a chinese person

  • Can you imagine, the coming Christ (an holy people) in the Bible is a Chinese, from a nation “more in number than any people”.

    From the Bible:

    Deuteronomy 7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

    Deuteronomy 7:7 The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people:

  • CØngzhé ZhÃ¥ng 10 months ago

    What VPN are you using? Does it take a long time to upload a video?

  • 하 하 10 months ago

    이 한국 돼지 우주 최초의 추남 한국 표준 얼굴, 하,知道为什么韩国人都做手术吗,哈高丽棒子宇宙最丑的猪,自卑到极致

  • Challen Jam 10 months ago

    Great video! Let us invite you to something new! Participate in Travel vlog challenges on challenjam. com website! Just click here and POST your youtube link:

  • John Eternal 10 months ago

    How long are you guys staying in China? Im moving to Shanghai in 3 weeks, maybe plan a subscriber meet up?

  • Long Truong 10 months ago

    When are you going back to vn? I will be there for Tet

  • MrOmega 10 months ago

    We have those mobikes in England too.

  • Waqar Hocain 10 months ago

    Let's see if I can win the giveaway prize.. #livinThatLife

  • Ceci Mengyin Wang 10 months ago

    yay! It's my hometown Shenzhen!

  • jjkfunda 10 months ago

    Real nice piece of work on the video the way it starts with music. The special effects on the gun. The electronic store is amazing. The car drone, wish they make that for real road travel in cities,real stress did you learn the word chappatties? Is that an English word, I need to look it up, though I eat it almost everyday, very famous here in India. Thanks, enjoyed watching this clip.

  • Giovanni Edwards 10 months ago

    Great video bro, china its awesome. #livinthatlife

  • Louis Parker 10 months ago

    Livin that life  thanks for showing the beauty of asia not only China.
    You're one of the best whites vlogger  i should say so far.
    I am not saying your western media always shows negative about what is happening in asia but most of the time it does.Sad but truth hurts.And i am not saying asia is so clean and very rich please don't get me very wrong .I am saying there many asian places/country that are good.
    Thank you so much for your video .Really appreciate it.

  • MUTT DARK GENERGY 10 months ago

    If you read replies from Winston (serpentZA) in the comment section of his new video "why all Chinese drive badly". You will understand why Winston is not only a pure anti-China hater, but an anti-Chinese racist .   Go to read his ugly replies for getting some sense of his ugly soul .
      For few example :
    — Someone hater said "Why is that the American born Chinese can't drive either? Winston replied "lol racial bonus".
    — Someone hater said "why do Chinese need to build the sidewalks if it a pure chaos?"  Winston replied "haha, it's for blinded people only".
    — Some hater said " why are Chinese all shitholes" ?  Winston replied "Well.. I don't know, but I agree with your observation" .

  • GetLostwithJohnny 10 months ago

    What an awesome vlog ^^ Love the footage you made 🙂

  • Johann Chan 10 months ago

    Shenzhen is THE BEST!

  • WindFondue 10 months ago

    Great vid 👍

  • Bro you inspire me to aspire for greatness #livinthatlife