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This video is about us walking around to see the new floating bridge crossing the river to Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap province in Cambodia, Southeast Asia. There many local and international walking back and forth on this new swing. I then walked to the food stalls/cottages in front of the Angkor Wat temple. They serve grilled chickens, grilled fishes, grilled frogs to tourists and local people. We walked back to the car park and going around and back to Krong Siem Reap. We bought natural fruits and vegetables along the road. I like those bananas, my boy like guavas, my wife like mangos and star fruits. After this we travel back, the destination is Phnom Penh city. We’re on National Highway 6 to Kampong Thom province and Kampong Cham province. We had some foods, the Cambodian noodle with fish soup and noodle with pate. The vendors walking around us with their bamboo bucket/pad selling insects and street foods. We ate some foods and travel back to Phnom Penh city. We got home at around 8:30pm. Raby had tuna salad for dinner. I didn’t eat anymore and ready to go bed.

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  • chhun lim 9 months ago

    Do you know laang phnom tbeing mean chey , Sngkum Thmei Preah vihear Province? There is a sheer cliff of mountain broke in half ( call Laang, you have to to Phum Steng, Kna and Andaung Phlu and asking the villagers over there, they will show you the to see the place, right on the of the cliff of the mountain) . Possible tour attraction in that area. It is a very beautiful place and very windy as the wind flow against the wall of the cliff. There are all so written in chinese languges in the wall of that cliff too. Wonder is there any people know about that place other than the old people in the village near by?

  • Chamroeun Heng 9 months ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing the video nice pictures

  • Rawin Sokha 9 months ago

    It's super fun. I like Angkor Wat

  • conan le barbare 9 months ago

    oh a new bridge !! when was he build?

  • Paula Zayas 9 months ago