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In this week’s episode we’re in the capital of Chile, Santiago. We head out on the town exploring the many hidden corners, we check out some live street performances and take a free walking tour. Check it out!

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Great Days by Joakim Karud
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  • Steve Campbell 9 months ago

    First time watching the Goats. Love the energy in your presentation style. I am flying from Australia in late March, to do 6 weeks through Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Thank you for this very informative video. Will watch more clips right now and have subbed.

  • hetal patel 9 months ago

    will be in Santiago for a day, where did u have good indian food there?

  • cristian e 9 months ago

    Chile planet santuary

  • Shubhankar Mridha 9 months ago

    Both look good together.. 👐

  • Shubhankar Mridha 9 months ago

    That 🍲 food 🤢

  • Alla Koz 9 months ago

    That food looked good! What is the price for a plate like this??

  • Blue Royal 9 months ago

    Santiago is surrounded by mountain and is 2hrs drive to the ocean.

  • Carl G 9 months ago

    Awesome vid. Got me super excited! My wife and I are coming in February.

  • Isabel Ell 9 months ago

    My homeland

  • isabella sandrini 9 months ago

    Just wondering what type of work you do?

  • Manoj Kumar 9 months ago

    beautiful couple … you both are awesome

  • Antonio Estay 9 months ago

    Fantástico, muy bonito. Santiago y todo Chile en general, ofrecen panoramas para todos los gustos. ¡Excelente!

  • ignacio 2017 9 months ago

    This video had him recorded that long ago, because in this season of the year it is very cold, but santiago looks even more beautiful in this climate