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Travel to Solo, Surakarta and visit the historic royal capital of the Indonesian island of Java. Things to do include visiting Triwindu Antique Market & Danar Hadi, world’s best Batik (traditional Indonesian fabric) Museum. Watch more Indonesia travel vlogs:
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Located at the heart of Java, Solo is the cultural capital of Java. History and traditions that shape Javanese culture. Below are things to do in Solo (Surakarta) for a day:

1. Visit Mangkunegaran Palace, a palace located in the city center of Solo. It’s now a museum with a private collection. Must tour with a guide.
2. Explore Triwindu Antique Market, a center for lovers and collectors of antiques! Get Indonesian souvenirs from wood and stone sculptures, radio, ancient money, weapon, households appliances, puppets, etc.
3. Museum Batik Banar Hadi, one of the world’s best batik museum with a wholesome collection of antique and royal textiles from Java, China and more!
4. Kampung Laweyan/Kampung Batik to shop for Javanese traditional fabric (Batik).

This was filmed on the Trip of Wonders 2017 hosted by Ministry of Tourism Indonesia. More of Indonesia here:

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