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Top Ten Things To Do on Vacation:
Ecuador – Galapagos
Peru – Machu Picchu
Chile – Santiago, History, Wine, Volcanoes and Glaciers
Argentina – Ushuaia, Antartica, Buenos Aires: La Boca,
Mendoza Wine country, Bariloche Lake District
Uruguay – Montevideo and Punta Del Este
Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Christ The Redeemer, Copacabana, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Amazon Wildlife and nature, Recife beaches, Salvador Culture and Churchs

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  • Daniel Sedycias 11 months ago

    Brazil is the best place to visit in South America. If you don't agree, go to a nearby therapist and ask what is wrong with yourself.

  • Ian Dundas-Collins 11 months ago

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  • Naomi Nadal 11 months ago

    Forgot Puerto Rico

  • Arduous Ant 11 months ago

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  • Gustavo Rissi 11 months ago

    São Paulo is the most biggest city in the south america, WHERE?

  • bigfellaoo7 11 months ago

    Peru and Ecuador are two places I'd like to go.

  • Machu Picchu Tour 11 months ago
  • Evan Swanson 11 months ago

    Brasil é muito, MUITO lindo! Rio DJ e São Paulo são fantástico!
    Brazil is very, VERY pretty! Rio DJ and São Paulo are fantastic! Visit Brasil!

  • Claudio Cisneros 11 months ago

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  • Jules Verne 11 months ago

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  • Marcus Camili 11 months ago

    Punta del este!!!