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Street Food Tour of Amman with Raghda Butros – Street Eats on the Travel Channel

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  • S. Ali 10 months ago

    i an in jordan can any one tell me area name?

  • tarny11 10 months ago

    Good to see a video of local food ..

  • i fucked up by watching this

  • Disco Duck 10 months ago

    "being made to feel at home even if you drop dead unexpectedly" ???

  • Jaguar Warrior 10 months ago

    Don't let the notion of democracy turn your People's kingdom into a corporate greedy pigsty. It's not worth it when the government let's companies do whatever they want for there own wealth!!!

  • Jaguar Warrior 10 months ago

    I think the narrator said hoomose when others say humus. L. O. L.

  • Kay Flip 10 months ago

    Looks amazing. I gotta do a trip to Petra then Amman for the street food.

  • Redsand Warlord 10 months ago

    This is making me hungry

  • A.Tahira 10 months ago

    omg these countries are awesome!

  • Sandy Orpeza 10 months ago

    That is because, Jordan's king is a great man. Instead of going to war with its neighboring countries, he focused on the development and improvement of his country. Their new king is also like his father, he loves his family. Bravo, JORDAN!!!!!

  • jose garrido 10 months ago

    Worst time ever waste of time and money

  • Just a Good Girl 10 months ago

    mmmmmmmm am so hungry now this summer i will visit Jordan

  • susan s 10 months ago

    it is good….thank-god I'm going back to live….can't take America anymore….Jordanians enjoy life

  • MoeBulldogs2196 10 months ago

    its midnight here an im full drooling i need to go to Jordan i need to go to the middle east an just eat the street food .

  • spiceitupwsaga 10 months ago

    This is simply AWESOME!!!! My mouth is watering and my heart filled with love!!!!

  • Celida Zuniga 10 months ago

    looking forward to visit Amman.

  • Miasam 10 months ago

    Ah ya ba2ra

  • MrSamer83 10 months ago

    Food looks awesome!!!

  • Loser Life 10 months ago

    Food is Awesome!!!!!!! Yes, they are hospitable!!!!!!