Added by on February 3, 2018

My first day of travelling solo as a female ever. I jumped straight into the deep end by taking on Jaipur, Rajastan in India because why not challenge myself a little?

I met a tuk-tuk driver at 11pm on my first night in Jaipur who offered to take me around Jaipur the following day. The next day I decided to take him up on his offer to take my to the forts but request he take me to a pharmacy and somewhere to get a coffee before we headed an hour or so outside of Jaipur to the forts.

Along the way I GOT A BLOOD NOSE and Raja (the lovely tuk-tuk driver) took lovely care of me by stopping several times to get me tissues/ toilet paper, a free 1L bottle of water and a Jaipur pink brick to sniff in order to stop my nose bleeding (to my surprise it actually did).

The rest of the day consisted of forts, walking way more than I thought, more 1L bottles of water, more forts, and more walking!

First day was a success!

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  • andy chauhan 1 year ago

    You're too unsure and soft spoken lady….you have to learn to complain…India should cure those maladies 🙂

  • Sanjay Chowdary 1 year ago

    Hope you enjoyed your trip

  • Sourav Das 1 year ago

    Hello there. Enjoy your stay in India.

  • Charlie Feld 1 year ago

    Hey Steph this is my way of texting u. From Charlie