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How to travel Indonesia? Indonesia has 17.508 islands you could possibly visit: Bali, Java, Kalimantan, Lombok, Komodo or Sumatra.
We travelled Sumatra and had a spectacular time here.
Let’s start with some quick facts about Sumatra. First of all, Sumatra is a big island. Whatever you plan to cover on your trip, you will realize fast that it is hard to see all the highlights of Sumatra. We had to skip a lot. It’s not only that the island itself is so big, it is also hard to get around. Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia we think that Indonesia is one of the countries which makes it a little bit harder to get around. There are not many tourist busses like in Thailand or Cambodia (and no open bus tickets like in Vietnam). This is also nice as you will definitely meet and travel with locals. On the other hand it was really hard sometimes to find the right bus terminal and not to end up being scammed. Another quick fact about Sumatra: this island was quite touristy for a while, like 20 years ago, but it is not anymore. There are some main spots like Lake Toba or Bukit Lawang for example. But at places like Bukittinggi, Harau Valley, Lake Maninjau you can be pretty much alone – not seeing (m)any other tourists.

As I said it is hard to cover all the main spots of Sumatra. Here is a list of the places we went to:
1. Medan: huge city, 2 Million people are living here, we tried to leave as quick as possible.
2. Bukit Lawang: The main spot to go. Here you can hike through the jungle spotting wild Orangutans and other species.
3. Bukittinggi: nice small town – not many tourists.
4. Lake Maninjau: a place to relax, swim in the lake, eat some fresh fish or try other Indonesian food.
5. Harau Valley: rock formations, waterfalls and rice fields. Here you can wake up in your guesthouse next to a huge rock, having beakfast on the balcony.
6. Padang: bigger, smelly city, nice hotels, restaurants and malls.
7. Mentawai Islands: beautiful islands, perfect for snorkeling and surfing, really hard to get here on you own, jungle trekking to meet the tribe people.

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  • Nicki LovesDogs 11 months ago

    5:44 OMG gorgeous and beautiful and tranquil.

  • frawldog 11 months ago

    Amazing video. I may copy your route

  • 広島Kampusra 11 months ago

    OMG… i cant believe you didnt visit Tanah datar area. The original minangkabau people is come from this area. and many thigs that you can see too, terracering rice fields, water falls, the cave, the kings palace for sure, the oldest mosque, the megalith, also there is a very famous attraction that you miss it. It called Pacu Jawi. ( The Bull Race ) lots of photo graphers from other countries come only to take the moment there.

  • hiroku nyaannn 11 months ago

    Dont go to jakarta man it full of pollution i mean i lived there

  • PissMenn 11 months ago

    Indonesia still doing highway construction across Sumatra probably in the next 5 years all of them will finish so tourist won't feel hard to move between cities anymore. Actually many modern bus in Sumatra one of them is sempati star, perhaps cause we lack of english information as well so you guys couldnt get much information about it

  • E Gardner 11 months ago

    Lake Toba in central Sumatra is a volcano crater.

  • roy rorot edward 11 months ago

    I am indonesian n from north sumatera… you didnt go to a lot of beautiful places in sumatera… your itenerary is really bad. I would be happy to be your guide n show you the real sumatera n the hidden treasures which not many people know. I wont rip you off for sure hahaha

  • Jonpaul Premo 11 months ago

    I hear the Acah region practices Sharia Law and have been know to lash gay people in public. Is this accurate?

  • FZ Project 11 months ago

    little advice from native people of Padang here, plan your visit and don't come here around October-December. mostly it's heavy rain especially last of October till middle of December. 😉

  • Indahnya Indonesia 11 months ago

    You can be vegetarian and eat padang food.

  • zerin tasnim 11 months ago

    Hy, as a fellow Muslim, yes they are very strict but its better to follow certain rules 🙂

  • Georgiana Talmaciu 11 months ago

    Well this convinced me to skip Sumatra and choose better places in Indonesia. It's surprising to me that you're half Indonesian and they still try to rip you off.

  • Ethelbjorn Borg 11 months ago

    Very helpful video. In which month did you visit Sumatra?

  • *COCO BERLIN 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for the honest review & tips!!

  • Cakra Pramono 11 months ago

    Indonesi bagus coy(Indonesian is the bhast for ever dude)

  • pineyacreslodge 11 months ago

    Good information and perspective. Thanks.

  • Hi, Thanks for your video it was really great. I am thinking of going to Suatra for 2 weeks. Did you take a mosquito net and did you take malaria tabs for your visit? Also did you prebook your accomadation?

  • WillTrent 11 months ago

    Your whole trip looked so bad

  • acaner2002 11 months ago

    very good video. Thanks for all the effort made. you helped me plan my trip ! subscribed !

  • Ricky Fernandez 11 months ago

    Come visit to central java dude ☺️👍

  • Cecille Marie Sinaca 11 months ago

    Hi new subscriber here if you don't mind would you subscribe back? Nice video by the way. I'm from medan but i'm living in the philippines. 😄😄

  • Reuben Osborne 11 months ago

    Thanks for making this video! I'd love to know more about your experience being a vegetarian travelling this part of indonesia as I'm a fellow veg about to do the same. Thank you!

  • Christopher Seymour 11 months ago

    I was sceptical at first but your video was awesome! thanks for the great information!

  • Richard Stead 11 months ago

    great video, would you go to Borneo or Sumatra?

  • Myra Sinnott 11 months ago

    how long was this trip?

  • Mathieu Tallard 11 months ago

    Except from stupids restrictions, one can find the good stuff elsewhere, in more liberal countries…

  • Doha Qatar 11 months ago

    you qatar.

  • Gbenro Oduyela 11 months ago

    Are you from Austria? You sound like Arnold. Why didnt you take train?

  • ev tnz 11 months ago

    mentioned Indonesia, but skipped Maluku,and Papua?