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The Ultimate Spain Travel Video: Follow a young couple around the beaches of San Sebastian, Barcelona, Ibiza and beyond. Discover what makes Spain one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

This Spain travel video is a semi-fictional short inspired by edits from Brandon Li, Sam Kolder and Taylor Cut Films, among others.

This Spain travel video is about a guy that meets a girl on a beach in San Sebastian. They travel together across Spain, before realizing they both have separate lives. One of my favorite movies of all time inspired this Spain travel video: “Before Sunrise”

I originally wanted to make a Sam Kolder inspired edit, but decided half way through filming to pursue my own style. I admire the Brandon Li’s editing and was inspired by his travel videos.

I hope you enjoy my Spain travel video.

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– Sony A6500:
– Zhiyun Crane:
– RODE Video Mic Pro:

If you’re curious about lenses, ask in the comments.

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  • BullRun35 11 months ago

    What a great job Evan, I'm interesting about the lenses as you've noticed in the description. Which ones do you use? they are perfect with the A6500. Also I guess you work on Adobe Premiere or Final Cut? You did an awesome job, really, with the script, the angle, the shots, the light, the color treatment… You've got a new subscriber from Bordeaux, France 😉 (I'm not a videomaker but I love the beauty in the detail of your work) Jean-Christophe (Like John-Christopher in translation), cheers

  • Abert Garcia 11 months ago

    you deserve a Oscar, a few minutes…you told a history full of feelings

  • StayHooked. 11 months ago

    WOW! This video gives me chills, What a Great Vlog, Shots, & Well Produced! I'm in the same field of work and I'm getting better every project. This is insane, and I just watched your Zhiyun Crane Video and I'm planning to make Amazing Projects like you are! Keep it up. This video will give me so much Motivation, thanks for sharing!

  • Cody Church 11 months ago

    such a great video! love the grading! what picture profile are you using?

  • McKay Kimball 11 months ago

    What’s the song? Is it s remix?

  • Rosario Uno 11 months ago

    this was really good Evan! I guessed you had 5-6 lenses on your bag during your travel lol!

  • Michael Stemm 11 months ago

    cool video man

  • JDiculous 11 months ago

    Love this. Helps that the girl is beautiful 😉

  • HUNTER SO 11 months ago

    Awesome vids, love you channel! Liked and subbed to you, feel free to check out my channel as well!

  • Alvin Bechter/Filmmaker 11 months ago

    the sound design is great:) keep up man
    so many people can not handle the crane but your footage looks good.:) peace bro