Added by on November 30, 2017

My wife and I made a trip to Jordan in May 2016. These are some of the highlights from our trip. Jordan is a beautiful country and we highly recommend that you visit!

Filmed on GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
Edited on Final Cut Pro


Audio Track – Endless Summer (Original Mix) – Roald Velden

Roald Velden is an incredible progressive house producer from The Netherlands, check out his channel –

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  • Ирина Л. 10 months ago

    Wonderful! My husband and I traveled to Jordan twice. A very interesting journey. Enjoyed your film!

  • THE VILLAS CHANNEL 10 months ago

    Incredible film, the cinematic format makes it even more interesting. thanks for sharing this awesome video. We subscribed! we are travel vloggers from Miami, sharing our lifestyle, great places to visit and our passion for Coffee. We invite u to visit us and support us if you like. Thanks! keep u with the great content.

  • IkarusPictures 10 months ago

    Great video, I really like it! Awesome shots you captured there! It shows the diversity of that area, it makes me want to go into the Jordan land too 🙂 Epic sunsets and timelapses as well. Nice job cutting too, I really like that you cut on beat.
    It would be really awesome if you could give me feedback on my latest video, an edit of my travel to italy. Thank you in advance! 😀