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Love to travel? You Can Earn £15 by using this link for Hotels/hotels/etc –
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PART 2 –

What other tips would you suggest for a first time visitor?
Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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  • emma becky 9 months ago

    thank you so much for de tips….i will be going back home this summer for 2 weeks with my husband, son and friends who have never been in uganda befoere but i thought taking money from atm machine is good but you opened my eyes….yes we gonna carry some euros about 500 in cash to save for de bank charges atleast for de first few days…

  • Calm Lettings 9 months ago

    Nice vid. Did see people getting checked for yellow fever jab. Think mtm(?) was good for kampala but airtel can be better if you are going west (fort portal). Spot on re the weekly tablet, get what you pay for. You can get medicine there but I think there has been issues with fake tablets. Thought you might have spent more time on the dust lol. Re. the lighting- take an LED head touch, very cheap here and a super present for someone as you leave. Using your phone is a risk cos you cannot rely on electricity to charge up- I took an external battery which was very handy for when the electricity was off. Uganda is a fantastic place with great people and I hope this video inspires people to go.

  • Tracey Kadondo 9 months ago

    I live in the UK too and had to pay £60 for the yellow fever vaccine before travelling so £29 is great lol

  • Lineo Arlow 9 months ago

    Doxycycline is pretty annoying, you really need to take it with quite a lot of food otherwise it will ruin your life

  • Ethel Dennis 9 months ago

    am a jamaica I don't need a visa to go uganda can I stay there as long I want just asking u

  • Darylifill Ifill 9 months ago

    Good Advice Gorgeous one

  • Ray M 9 months ago

    Please buy some Nissi naturals. Support my Aunt

  • Doris opiyo 9 months ago

    Great tips!!! Thanks.

  • Kemi Penélopê 9 months ago

    Well, apart from the visa part (some countries like Nigeria have the dual citizenship system so no need for visa if you are Nigerian), definitely tips that can be used when visiting some countries in Africa. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karol Cha'So 9 months ago

    I had my yellow fever shot before traveling but no one ever asked for them

  • Karol Cha'So 9 months ago

    I never buy a simcard I only buy a modem and keep using my Italian number and WiFi,I sulked coz I buy a visa too,mosquito nets or repellents are a must,thanks for sharing hun.

  • matayo o 9 months ago

    very helpful advice. Thanks sweetie