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What other tips would you suggest for a first time visitor?
Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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  • kiks lilo 1 year ago

    Be with a gun a kill the thieves.

  • dan connor 1 year ago

    Haha well I had a fantastic time in kampala but I was with my Ugandaian princess most of the time , it is a bit hard to hide the fact I’m from Australia lol you know the accent and all like Gidday Mate let’s put another Shrimp on the Barbie and tip some of these beers down our throats kinda stuff , I did get hassled for money a few times on the street even when with her and our Uber driver but everyone in shops and businesses was very friendly, took a Boda in middle of nite was crazy but exciting, I have heaps more stories lol ,yep just stay aware and alert, be friendly and roll with it , love to go back there ❤️

  • Ms.T 1 year ago


  • Chattyjay 1 year ago

    When your near bodas hide your phones. When windows are rolled down in the car, hide your phone.

  • Mary Wilkerson 1 year ago

    Like like your advice. Uber in UG love it. I was there last year. I miss the Foods. 🍲
    May God bless you. Your classy and beautiful.

  • Shamira Mubs 1 year ago

    But I when home I over use bodabodaz but I tightly hold my bag plus phone.then am ready to go.

  • Shamira Mubs 1 year ago

    Truth be told if you enter Uganda land with accent you are in for it.

  • Brian Okot 1 year ago

    Hey Tabitha. Firstly, i think your absolutely gorgeous in ever sense of the word. and being from the north is just the best kind of topping.
    Saying that, i have recently started travelling to Ug and wanted to know if you had any tip and tricks for when out on a night? thanks and love your Vlogs, keep it up.

  • sofia hassan 1 year ago

    so true and also be careful when vloging on a boda boda #thieves


    love your skin good video

  • Patrick Kalunda 1 year ago

    Very good tips, and am sure even the locals too can benefit from them (ie the tips).

  • Barış Aşkan 1 year ago

    I will really take these into consideration next month in Kampala 🙂 Especially saying "hello" first in the shop and bargaining issue 🙂 Thank you very much !

  • Tekz5 Fake pound 1 year ago

    I love this

  • Darylifill Ifill 1 year ago

    Thank You For the Advice Gorgeous one