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Switzerland- A Dream Country

Sail boats roll and excursion steamers leave their wakes on the turquoise waters of Lakes Thun and Brienz. And on the shores, in tributary valleys and on sunny ledges, you’ll discover picturesque villages of richly decorated chalets and guest houses in what surely is the embodiment of Swiss-style comfort and serenity or Kleine Scheidegg, Schilthorn, Lauberhorn and Männlichen have skiing on top-flight downhill runs in the higher reaches of the Alps.
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  • Lauren Morgana 1 year ago

    Mon pays ❤️

  • Manohar Singh 1 year ago

    my india is top country

  • Ansar Ahmed 1 year ago

    Switzerland very beautiful country 💚👍

  • Kristine Willems 1 year ago

    Wondermooi !

  • Kristine Willems 1 year ago

    Wondermooi !

  • Diego Naya Lazo 1 year ago

    very nice video! it brought tears to my eyes. the first song with the piano, what's the name? tried to shazam it, no results from it. thanks!!

  • عمر العراقي 1 year ago



  • Bk Biswas 1 year ago

    Dhaka ,Bangladesh.

  • COOL DOGxd 1 year ago

    I live in switzerland And if you ever move here go to a good place where a lot of tourist at Till you speak a good amount of swissgerman than move somwhere else if you want begause there are good place and bad places for Foreigner.

  • Wonder Jam 1 year ago

    Plus you have Roger Federer. What more would anyone in Switzerland want?

  • Tan peng joo 1 year ago

    very beautiful country , no concrete buildings everywhere or ugly big bull shit condominium .

  • Maya Aries 1 year ago

    oh swiss ……………………………….

  • MAHER ADNAN 1 year ago

    yes dream country

  • Magdaline Njambi 1 year ago

    coming soon ,

  • Magdaline Njambi 1 year ago

    coming soon ,

  • Magdaline Njambi 1 year ago

    coming soon

  • Magdaline Njambi 1 year ago

    coming soon

  • Johnson P V 1 year ago

    switzerland what a beatifull country one of the best than U K countries I visited JOHNSON PV BSNL KARNATAKA INDIA

  • yousef AlMarzooqi 1 year ago

    My favorite vacation place …everything is nice in Switzerland

  • Edith Simon 1 year ago

    very clean and fresh, expensive the train is very efficient to go places the next time I go back I will take tour group there are more places to see.

  • Mitra Gomden 1 year ago

    I wish visit switzerland.

  • Isidro Villamayor Castellanos 1 year ago

    Where have you obtained the music of the video?

  • Mohanlal Dadarwal 1 year ago

    really beautiful country in this hope visit surely

  • John Donnellan 1 year ago

    I'm 60 and have traveled yearly in CH for 15 years, spending a month or so.  If I knew at 20 what I know now, I'd have moved there at 20.   (and my hochdeutsch  would be much better)   Bis Spater

  • preya salma 1 year ago

    I wish I travelled in Switzerland…

  • Manos M 1 year ago

    I coming Switzerland in next months …..

  • 陈道士 1 year ago

    Switzerland,my dream⋯⋯

  • عبد عبد العظيم 1 year ago

    سبحان الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم

  • john kennedy 1 year ago

    im from india….when my country transferrd me to bern i was the happiest man in the entire world as if im going to the heaven….but after gng there it lastd oly for a month…..aft that i cant stay there even fr a min….swiss people r nt so friendly….their food s also nt worth….within a year i began to miss so much my country so much that i requested them to transfer me back… the moral is SWISS IS OLY WORTH FOR A TWO WEEK TOURISM…..DONT EVER DARE TO LIVE THERE….THERE S A HELL SUBMERGED N THAT HEAVEN……

  • mahendrabhai bidja 1 year ago

    swizarland is a top country