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In Switzerland you will find historic towns, raging rivers, snowcapped mountains, scenic lakes, and you can easily get you all around this lovely country with efficient travels on the excellent Swiss train network.
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You’ll see the very best of Switzerland in this practical travel guide, filled with some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery, including wild majestic landscapes and charming historic cities, balancing urban adventures with natural wonders.
This tour could easily be done in two weeks or stretch it out to a more leisurely three weeks, with a carefully-planned itinerary, as we show in this video guide, presenting the best of Switzerland.
We’ll focus on the magnificent Alps mountains, covered in glaciers, easily reached by cable car and mountain trains, offering breathtaking vistas in all directions, especially three main groups of mountains in the region of Titlis, the Jungfrau and Matterhorn. You’ll be immersed in that natural beauty, with a chance to do some walking on easy mountain trails and time for fun in town.
Coming up you’ll see the great cities including Lucerne, Interlaken with Jungfrau and Shilthorn, Bern, Zermatt, Locarno, Lugano and Zurich. You’ll learn how to navigate their pedestrian lanes while finding historic monuments, little shops, good restaurants and hotels.
Switzerland is a land of many scenic lakes, so we will enjoy numerous boat rides that give you a different perspective and provide a relaxing, useful way to reach picturesque waterfront villages.

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  • Snow Angel 1 year ago

    not many people… i like this place.

  • Jyo thsna 1 year ago

    Can you suggest some places on the web where we can get more information about the Modes of transport from one place to another, cost of transport , cost of accommodation and food etc ?

  • Jyo thsna 1 year ago

    whats the best way to go from Zurich to Lucern ?

  • Ravi Pratap 1 year ago

    I think Switzerland is a not only earth paradise but also I like to spritual peaceful worship place!—- Cartik from Lucknow ( India)

  • savita sindhu 1 year ago

    Awesome guide to visit Switzerland. Must watch video for everyone planning to go there.

  • Green Emerald 1 year ago

    A beautiful presentation for the first time travellers to Switzerland.

  • Sirimewan Amaratunga 1 year ago

    To my mind, Switzerland is a mouth-watering country. – Sirimewan Amaratunga (

  • ChasePlayz Minecraft & More 1 year ago

    es ist toll hier in zürich!

  • Very beautiful sights.


    Switzerland is a very beautiful country.

  • Rene Bernardo 1 year ago

    Seeing this video as if you are there the view is very beautiful.

  • normy norms 1 year ago

    nice. anyone knows how much the train from lucerne to engelberg is?