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We enjoyed Switzerland a lot, especially the area we stayed Interlaken, spectacular view of lakes, stunning mountains and Swiss alps surrounded area, very beautiful countryside sceneries, as a whole it was really heaven. we traveled in April and enjoyed all weather, there was fall, rain, fog, sunny day during our 9 days stay there.

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  • Chandra Shekar 1 week ago

    thank you so much…..i enjoyed a lot

  • karen macdonald 1 week ago

    Beautiful you sing like angels!!!

  • U Sweet Mama 1 week ago

    Means Tamil black cobras visit to Kashmir, that's why music in background goes on.

  • mohamed khatab 1 week ago

    ilove Switzerland

  • Priya Singh 1 week ago

    2 megapixel ka comers la ka 📱

  • suresh raj 1 week ago

    super semma song very nice vedio nature vervvvvvvvvy nice

  • ciro lima 1 week ago

    Nossa um sonho!

  • RASHED SIR RASHED 1 week ago

    I want to go here…. 0096565879053

  • Iam number01 1 week ago

    I love your video!

  • Creso Pereira 1 week ago

    Paradise 😍😍😍😍

  • theiventhiran mech 1 week ago

    nice place beautiful

  • Noushad M 1 week ago

    Excellent picturisation..always moving camera.H.Jayaraj songs in the background matching to the mood. As good as being there..dont know how many time I watched..may be more than 10 times..all songs were nice except that Malayalam song not matching to the mood. Any how thank you for beautifully capturing this scenic country. Planning to visit rhere soon. Guess you guys are mallus.

  • Abdul Rahman 1 week ago

    Motama yolla salabu achi

  • Jahid Ahmed 1 week ago

    Swezarland is a wondersful

  • Theodore Barrett Sr. 1 week ago

    Music doesn't go with video, sucks

  • Krishna Priya 1 week ago

    I like Switzerland it is so beautiful and nice place to stay

  • Maha Lakshmi 1 week ago

    wow amazing country

  • mohammed ZAFFAR 1 week ago

    It's Wandarfull view like it Love Switzerland

  • mohammed ZAFFAR 1 week ago

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    Thanks Switzerland

  • Thenkasi Raja Raja S 1 week ago

    வாவ் செமயா இருக்கு பார்க்க மனதுக்கு குதூகலமாக இருக்கு

  • Rafat Ali 1 week ago

    and how many places you visited there