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Focusing on Switzerland’s often-overlooked urban charms, we explore lakeside Luzern, cobbled Bern, spire-filled Zürich, and sophisticated Lausanne. We’ll enjoy eye-opening art, from Chagall and Klee to the works of asylum inmates. We’ll ring a very big bell high up in a church spire, float down a rushing river, and ponder Switzerland’s pragmatic drug policies and hidden underground arsenals. And it’s all before a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

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  • Sinto Sintwo 1 year ago

    Can I travel here having only 1000 swiss franc how many can i have?

  • Nickelini 1 year ago

    I was just in Luzern, Bern, and Zurich at Christmas. Fascinating to try and recognize the same places in winter. Very different. Rick needs to do Christmas in Switzerland. I recommend it, and it's very, very different from this.

  • Animaniax 1 year ago

    Plus, when I see another clips about trips to Switzerland —> Download first. Talk later.
    I will then be able to watch over & over, till the time for my maiden trip to Europe.

  • Animaniax 1 year ago

    Whenever I see another video from Rick —> First thing I do: add on my Favorite list :v

  • Pradeep V K 1 year ago

    My dream… One day I will visit there…. Lovely country!!!! Also Rick Steves' channel is my favourite youtube Channel..

  • Akram Din 1 year ago

    My first day in Zurich in 1993, I wandered alone in the city and saw people shooting stuffs into their veins in broad daylight… Later I found out I had walked into Needle park… Quite an experience

  • Milagros Alejandro 1 year ago

    Very fascinating🙋great cities!What a natural beauty‼️How I wish to come and see all the places here!Thanks for the nice video Sir Rick.

  • Ricardo 74 1 year ago

    the best swiss bulle

  • Jutta Maier 1 year ago

    A few topics are touched only superficially, but what do you expect? The bunkers in the Alps, for instance, where built for the army. If the Nazis had invaded, the civic population would have been left to the mercy of the Germans, while the Swiss Army would have hidden in the Alps. That was the plan, because only 50‘000 people could have been plzaced in tjose bunkers at the time. Not so noble now, is it?

  • Jutta Maier 1 year ago

    The majority of people live inthe Northeast, not the Northwest…

  • Dash Riprock 1 year ago

    Serious sexual tension between Rick Steves and the bell ringing lady.

  • ESO529 1 year ago

    I have left my home country some 30 years and admit: off  a distance it looks even more beautiful ;-). The one thing though I miss and don't quite understand why this was left out: where is the Italian part of Switzerland – the Canton of Ticino? It is so lovely, has beautiful and romantic towns and villages and the Valley of Verzasca ( is a definite must to visit if one ever gets a chance to visit Switzerland.

  • frankdisney 1 year ago

    Interesting, as usual with such travel reports, is the fact that the great city of Basel is never mentioned. It is abundant with world renown art museums, is where some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical corporates have their headquarters. The city of Basel features historical buildings galore. Cut through by the Rhine river, it has great river walks, has the biggest carnival in Switzerland, borders two countries (France and Germany) and the beautiful landscape of the lovely Jura mountain range in nearby Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn. There would be so much more to explore, but it is not the cliché Switzerland which foreigners seem to be looking for. What the heck: let those tourists believe that Lucerne is more important than Basel and that Schwarzwälder Birdie Clocks are originating in Switzerland. Even the once famous Toblerone Chocolate belongs to the US/global Mondelez brand. Sigh…

  • Simone Streeter 1 year ago

    I really liked this video, and your approach Rick. Such a wide array of positive things, and yet you can still tell how utterly passionless the country is. And yes, I've been there, and yes, some of my family is from Switzerland.

  • anıl erden 1 year ago

    beautiful video about switzerland