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Hola everyone — thanks for taking a hiatus with me at this stunning eco village located deep in the heart of the Colombian jungle!

As most of you already know, I am currently off budget backpacking through South America, and this vlog is apart of a whole South America travel series. Right now, I am backpacking in Colombia.

This travel vlog takes place in Minca, Colombia or more affectionately referred to as my favorite place in the world. Specifically, we stayed at Aloha Ke Akua Hostel, which is a totally sustainable eco farm.

Did you know that the Hawaiian phrase Aloha Ke Akua means “the breath of God.” Pretty beautiful if you ask me.

This travel diary begins with me and Lizard arriving into the small mountain village, Minca Colombia. We stay here for a few hours and grab some dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, and we quickly explore a waterfall before the madness begins.

We hop on our motor taxis to make our way up the mountain, and we were totally unprepared for the ride we signed up for. It was so muddy and terrifying. The video footage just doesn’t do this experience justice — it was wild. There were moments that I actually just surrendered and was at peace with the fact that I was going to fall over in four feet of mud. Guys, it was crazy!

Then, I fall asleep with a kitty, and wake up in absolute paradise. The mountain scene was surreal and so peaceful. I do some morning yoga and have a vegan family style breakfast with everyone at the hostel.

I find a little hide away in a tiki hut and meditate for a quiet moment. I get so relaxed that I fall asleep and take a really nice nap. Then, I grab an outdoor shower and eat some avocado for lunch. Then Liz and I head off for a perfect mountain hike through the Colombia Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Later that night, one of my new friends whipped out the guitar and we all sang the Nakho song, Aloha Ke Akua, for obvious reasons. I mean, we just had to. We have vegan pizza, and my buddy raps for us! It was dope.

The next morning was magical. I take a walk with you on the mountain side and show you around the typical morning festivities on the eco farm. The morning always starts with a delicious, steaming cup of local grown Colombian coffee.

Then, Jason racks the gravel with intention — the idea is like Buddhist monk rock gardens.

Morning yoga always starts at sunrise here, and let me tell you from experience, watching the sunrise over the mountain in crows pose is unbeatable. Really, there is nothing like it.

One of the kindest souls, Mateo, gives English lessons to one of the neighborhood boys each morning before school, as well.

I take you on a tour of our budget backpacker eco farm, which only costs $10 USD to stay at per night (if you don’t mind sleeping in a hammock).

Before we jetted off back down the mountain, we stuck around for one last family style meal. The boys slaved away in the kitchen for hours and made the most delicious vegan meal I’ve had in Colombia during my whole travel. You will definitely be hungry after watching this part of the episode — sorry guys!

While we wait for our motor taxis, my new friends and I play ukelele, share stories and laughs, and we greet some passing neighbors. We see Luiza, a local woman who rode by one a horse, and we see a pack of young chicos on their way back from school. They were adorable!

Thanks for watching, guys!

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    Cool to see serene Kaia, looks amazing there. Life is experiences like that, not a 9-5 economic slave to a mortgage and debt. Need to get myself out the rat-race. Thanks for the 12mins of freedom, stay safe ladies and happy travels 😎

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