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Telluride has been named the #1 Ski Resort over and over again by Conde Nast, but does it live up to the hype?

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What to See & Do
– Heli Skiing from Helitrax
– Ride with Roudy

Where to Stay
– New Sheridan Hotel (telluride)
– Inn at Lost Creek (Mountain Village)
– The Peaks (Mountain Village)

Where to Eat
– Bon Vivant (apres ski)
– Alpino Vino (apres ski)
– Brown Dog Pizza (Telluride)
– RBG (Telluride)
– Black Iron (Mountain Village)

Where to Go Out
– Smuggler’s
– Last Dollar Saloon
– New Sheridan Hotel Bar

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Telluride, Colorado Guide – #1 Ski Resort in North America | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers

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  • poupard1963 8 months ago

    visited Telluride in the summer, fell in love, can't wait to go back in the winter, watch Andrea's video and subscribed. See you on the slope Andrea

  • Forrest Rogers 8 months ago

    Tomboy Tavern and High Pie are pretty good options in Telluride too

  • cityofchamps66 8 months ago

    I've skied all over the Rockies and Telluride is one of my 3 favorite places to ski, right up there with Big Sky and Aspen

  • Zoobreak Videos 8 months ago

    I go there every year it’s awesome

  • Estrella Nieto 8 months ago

    I live there

  • bog standard 8 months ago

    Fancy going here with me?

  • Tyler D. 8 months ago

    sush a cutie 😀

  • Gmork 8 months ago

    Definitely check out All Reds as well for eating. Its in the middle station of the Gondolas to mountain Village from Telluride! That food is next level as well.

  • rufusprime99 8 months ago

    The joke….. bad start. And the shimmy shake was weak, yet oddly endearing.

  • Gabriel Reis 8 months ago

    can i live in this city? nice video

  • James Humes 8 months ago

    It's pronounced "Rowdy" not Rudy!

  • Colton Pruitt 8 months ago

    Telluride is the best

  • Tomasz Wieczorek 8 months ago

    Nicely done — you should do more ski resorts! If you need your own personal ski or snowboard instructor – hit me up Andrea Feczko —

    Tomasz "Niko" Wieczorek
    PSIA/AASI certified instructor: Ski, Snowboard, Telemark
    CELL +703-332-9343

  • Beni Paluska 8 months ago

    I live in telluride

  • Anare7 8 months ago

    Thanks sooo much!!