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The 10 most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.
A fusion of Italian, French and German cultures but still with a strong identity of its own, Switzerland makes an alluring travel destination. The landlocked European country is known for its attractive cities, its apre-ski chic and famously idyllic mountain scenery complete with cuckoo-clock houses and bell wearing cows – Switzerland is still a place where you can imagine Heidi skipping through the Alpine meadows.
Lucerne and Lake Lucerne
Swiss National Park
Chateau de Chillon
Zermatt and the Matterhorn
Bern Old Town
Lake Oeschinen
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  • Mạnh Sơn BP 1 year ago

    beautiful country.I love Switzerland.

  • Sajita Patra 1 year ago

    my favourite place Switzerland and very very beautiful all so

  • Top Life 1 year ago

    Switzerland is amazing!
    i also made a video on top places in switzerland can you go check it?

  • Riaz Islam 1 year ago

    wanted to see Bangladesh beautiful palce,,,of your channel

  • Gourav MN Squad 1 year ago

    Hello sir ,
    I saw your YouTube channel , it was amazing content on your channel. Sir I have an idea I want to work on that in the couple of days and I want some of your video content.
    I'll not copy your any content u just want your videos links I want to use them, I hope you will give me the permission to use .

  • Tubai Sen 1 year ago

    Very nice place

  • Trendy's 10 1 year ago

    Travel Video Channel

  • American Scout 1 year ago

    I would love to visit Switzerland when i travel.

  • IndigoXYZ18 1 year ago

    Top 10 places to visit in India? Haven't done that yet.

  • Rahim Meena 1 year ago

    Ofcourse yes Switzerland is among of my favorite nation in Europe. this country is among of the beautiful countries in Europe ever

  • Thuong AST 1 year ago

    I have see many beautiful places of Switzerland in this video,it's one of the most beautiful country in the world and hope I can go there some day.

  • Arian Gans 1 year ago

    Natural of lake Baikal in studio.

  • First Last 1 year ago

    That’s a beautiful picture in the thumbnail

  • NATURE hunt 1 year ago

    Beautiful. I want to go once on those place in my life.