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We often frequent restaurants as we travel around the world based on research and recommendations; however, a third method, and one that is even more exciting, is when we just happen to stumble upon a place that appears to be selling great food. While wandering around just outside of the Central Market in Santiago, we noticed an old fashioned diner that specialized in emapanadas. The line stretched out well beyond the premises and upon returning to the city we hunted this place down and queued just like the locals. After placing our order, one Pino (beef) and one Queso (cheese) empanada, we headed to the main square to devour them. Come find out if these are the best empanadas chilenas in Santiago.

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The best Empanadas in Santiago Travel Video Transcript:

So a couple of weeks ago we were in Santiago, just like on a one day stopover before we went to Valparaiso, and we were walking by the Central Market and we saw this awesome looking empanada place. There was just this insane line, like the line was stretching on right outside of the store. So I just popped in quickly and looked like this really cool like old kind of rustic restaurant. So we’re on a quest to see if we can find that again and get a couple of empanadas for lunch.

So we found this empanada shop. It is called Zunino and it was packed. It is probably about one thirty right now so the line really was stretching out of the establishment but we managed to place our order. We ordered one cheese empanada and one pino empanada. What is kind of unique about that place is that is all that they do. They only have these two varieties. You either get your pino beef or your cheese. So it is a very small selection but I think that means they really know how to make a good empanada.

Alright, and I’m having the cheese one and it is still piping hot. This looks really cool. I can tell that the pastry, already before biting into it, is going to be really flaky. Yeah.

Mmmm. Is that the cheese one for real? Or is it beef? Oh, yeah that is the cheese one. Oh yeah. I don’t know how you can tell. And you know what? This is really good quality one. Like you can tell just from. If you can get close up in on the pastry here. The attention to detail of the pastry like it is just so flaky, lots of layers, buttery and is just melting right in my mouth and then that gooey cheese. Oh, that is just a winning combo.

Alright, so I tried the cheese ones. The cheese one was really tasty. Now time for Pino.

Mmmm. Have a look in there.

Juicy. Look at that.

So, this one has beef, onions and olive. That I’ve got the pit in my mouth right now. Excuse me.

And it also has egg but I haven’t bitten into that part yet. So like it is really nice and juicy inside. It is still warm. What surprises me though is the size. Like when we made our empanada video in San Pedro de Atacama like those were massive empanadas. They were almost like bigger than like a main course plate. But these are more snack sized right? Yeah, I would say they are about half the size of the ones we had in Atacama. Um, so yeah I kind of like it because I struggled to finish those big ones. Like the ones we had in Atacama were really good for sharing but this is like a good individual size. So it is not going to ruin your lunch or dinner so long as you have it as a snack.

Okay, so it is now time for price point. How much did those empanadas cost? Yes, so the pino one, which is a beef one, cost 900 and the cheese one, the queso one, cost a 1000, so you’re looking at just over 1 US dollar. So awesome value. I mean, you could just devour several of those and turn it into an entire meal. Yeah, and ordering them is pretty easy. You just walk into the shop and first you get a ticket, you pay for what you want to get and then you take that ticket over to the counter and they’ll help you out. Yeah, it has that kind of old-time diner feel and it is really cool. It is an experience just going into the restaurant. And if you want to eat in there, there is only standing room.

This is part of our Travel in Chile series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Chilean culture, Chilean arts, Chilean foods, Chilean religion, Chilean cuisine and Chilean people.

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  • Allen Bauman 6 months ago

    That snack size seems like the standard size from what I can remember when my mama made them. If any larger it must be a new thing🤷🏻‍♂️

  • C Santander 6 months ago

    Que buen vídeo… like para ustedes.

  • Marissa D Harmis 6 months ago

    Again, love watching your videos! Thanks for sharing! By the way, Have you been to Colombia?? I've been four times. They have the best food! You not should go when you get the chance!

  • Francisco Zahradnik 6 months ago

    Emapnadas price varies according to the meat they have.
    The best empanadas are from bakeries, they only sell them on saturdays and sundays.
    Traditionally empanadas were appetizers for Sunday lunches for upper and middle class in ancient days.
    Chile is a very classist society, still today.
    Eating empanadas on monday or tuesday, where the leftovers.

  • Adolfo Briceno 6 months ago

    Chilean empanadas are awesome. Especially their typical Empanadas de Pino coming right from the oven. I don't remember ever going to this place but Santiago de Chile has lot to offer. I remember driving with my cousin to Cerro San Cristobal and eating empanadas overlooking the city.

  • Christian Puth 6 months ago

    todas son las mejores 🙂

  • Chroma Virus 6 months ago

    Next time you go to chile you guys must go to "El Dadino" In santiago

  • BrokenRRT 6 months ago

    I want to love all the videos and believe they all deserve way more views than they get but I had to stop watching 2 years ago because of Sam snacking his lips and chewing while he talks. plus him always sounding like a LA hipster trying to talk like a Canadian. So I come back and watch a few videos and I see the same but worse. zero fucks endings. It's like the battery dies on every video… Not only is Sam talking with mouth full of food but so is Audrey now.
    You guys are blessed to do and go and you're living the dream many of us only wish for. You're making it happen for yourselves but you're missing out on a potentially huge following.
    If you don't have time to edit or don't want to learn it then send the videos to a friend back home to do it. Eat the food then swallow it then tell us about it. Don't do it while chewing and snacking lips! Watch some travel videos of people who are killing it on YouTube. See what their doing then put your own touch on it.

  • WrittenOff75 6 months ago

    so hungry right now !!!

  • tammylovesmakeup 6 months ago

    What is that you do again a for a living to be able to travel so freely? You both are such a beautiful pair

  • Liam's LunchBox 6 months ago

    god i love these!

  • ProRallyDriver 6 months ago

    Also try the "Barro Luco" its the trademark sandwich from Chile! Its delicious!

  • ProRallyDriver 6 months ago

    When I was little I went to Santiago to "El Mercado" I think? Its was all sea food fresh from the sea! It was insane! I remember it was a Mercado. 🙂

  • TheHongfei 6 months ago

    I got admit I've learned a lot food names in Spanisch by watching your videos! So someday when I travel to South America I will not be looking at the menu and having absolutely no clue what I am going to order and about getting.

  • Food Travel Dude 6 months ago

    sup guys u rock cool video people say I should go there and do a food review 😄

  • Michael Wang 6 months ago

    i wanna bite them

  • Rachel and Nick 6 months ago

    Those empanadas look amazing! When i was in Chile a few years ago i was searching for the yummiest empanadas…and when all seemed lost a funny thing happened. I wound up injuring myself climbing the steep steps in Valparaiso and the next day when i went to the hospital just near the entrance was a small empanada stand. And OMG i finally found what i was looking for…the most delicious cheese empanada i have ever tasted. 😀 ps hope you've had lots of completos since you've been there 😀 – Nick