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The Holy City of Makkah, which lies inland 73 kilometers east of Jiddah, is the place where the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born – the place where God’s message was first revealed to him and the city to which he returned after the migration to Madinah in 622 AD.
Makkah is the holiest city on earth to Muslims. Five times each day, the world’s one billion Muslims, wherever they may be, turn to the Holy City of Makkah to pray. And at least once in their lives, all Muslims who are not prevented by personal circumstance perform the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah. Thus each year the Holy City of Makkah is host to some two million hajjis (pilgrims) from all over the world.
The Holy Mosque in Makkah houses the Ka’aba, in the corner of which is set the Black Stone which marks the starting point for the seven circumambulations of the Holy Mosque which every hajji must complete.
The Holy City is served by the seaport and international airport of Jiddah.
Below you can see a selection of pictures from the Holy City of Makkah

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  • Shahjad Siddiki 1 year ago

    MASHA Allah

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    مشاء الله 😮😮😮الله اكبر

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    Mashallah..Allah is great

  • mossa224 1 year ago

    the only place in earth that the antichrist can't and will not enter

  • Yunus - Jonah 1 year ago

    The Holiest City on Earth

    The city and home of Abraham Ishmael Isaac and Muhammad peace be upon them all

    May Allah protect Makkah and its inhabitants until The Day of Resurrection

  • WE LOVE ALLAH 1 year ago

    Kaaba the house of Allah is beautiful then ur buildings

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    Beautiful city part from saudi stupid idiots ..

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    Masha'Allah :'')

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    That city is very beautiful; for lucifer appears as an angel of light

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    Masha'Allah so beautiful

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    Allah Akbar…Allah yej3alni men ahl el Janna ana wa awladi
    Amin ya Rab el 3alamin

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    فداكـ الكون كلهـ يا بن ساعد

  • معاذ الجحدلي 1 year ago

    اسعدني مرورك