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Our last night together on the epic TopDeck tour through Egypt, Israel and Jordan! What a trip! For our last night, we sleep out in the desert in Wadi Rum!

Big thank you to TopDeck for inviting me on this trip! You can check out there #Ultimate49 bucket list challenge here:

Disclaimer: I did get this trip for free however all opinions and views remain my own.

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  • Kresna Mukti P 9 months ago

    How about Abraham city or solomon …….. Do you have the …….. Like i seen on TV

  • Shobhit Kaul 9 months ago

    Hey Aly! Good news about north East India:

    You should visit Meghalaya.. the place which has tree root bridges and highest yearly rainfall in the world.

  • First World Traveller 9 months ago

    Roll on glass of wine! I'll be there! You've deffo changed my view on organised tours, actually considering doing one at some point!

  • Mark Donher 9 months ago

    Don’t listen to this Psycho B*tch she’s a paid blogger! She’s keep saying good things in the country that sponsored her even if that country is full of sh*t, and she downgraded the other country that don’t give her a sponsor even if that country is good! If you like to see a true and unbiased travel blogger checked “Christian Leblanc” channel “Lost Leblanc”

  • Mark Donher 9 months ago

    India is the most ignorant country in the world where discrimination is at every level in the society. Here are some India society norms.
    1) Gender priority as male.
    2) Belong to high caste.
    3) Political connections.
    4) Big bank balance.
    5) Exempted from law.
    6) Reservation base on social status.
    7) Must be fair, tall and good looking.
    8) if you are wheatish and Black then no place for u in India.
    9) Raping a Woman is not a big sin but eating beef or particular meat is big problem.
    10) If you play cricket then you are national hero and if you play any other game then you will starved to death does not matter how many gold you have one.
    11) if you are VIP then you are owner of the road does not who is dieing on the road.

    That’s the real India, SO JUST SHUT UPS Psycho B*tch You don’t know anything.

  • Clint Andre 9 months ago

    Great vid Aly

  • The Huuz AhmeD 9 months ago

    Come to Bangladesh and contact me i will show you beautiful place in sylhet

  • Fernando Nogueira 9 months ago

    🎬 Beautiful 🎥 Video 📹 ! _ 👍 Congratulations! 👍 🇧🇷

  • Dan Galla 9 months ago

    Aly I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and has opened my eyes to a part of the world I never considered travelling to before. I love these bitesize trips you are doing! Great work.

  • What countries from your travels are cheap versus expensive? Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, others including eastern Europe

  • Googlie Googlinkty 9 months ago

    OMG! So glad to hear you are out safe …………from this crappy and militant unpredictable region……targeting foreigners for publicity and sensationalism…BEST WISHES

  • La Ptite Charlotte 9 months ago

    I dream to see the pyramids one day . Just like you , because of all the school's books I read , and the documentaries on tv etc etc ! Thank you for those vlogs , the editing , the lack of sleep ! It's like I was in Egypt too ^

  • allis well 9 months ago

    I love the way she speaks…so fast…. But I'm understanding 60 or 70 percent.. will soon catch up with this accent… Is this the usual British accent…bcos it sounds bit different … Nice sounding though…

  • Donald letim 9 months ago

    damn awwww what's the name of the song these people are dancing at 5:11? seems soo sweet. love the rest of the video especially the dessert part. so nice.

  • Fradge Pants 9 months ago

    Hey Aly, love your work. You do a fantastic job of explaining and documenting all things travel. You've helped me no end!!

    I do have one question I hope you can help with. You talk a lot about not making to many plans and pre booking everything. So of course I've just bought a one way flight to Hanoi. My concern is. How do you get around booking an onward flight out the country if you don't know what your plans are and just want to go with the flow? Any advice you have would be great. Thanks Aly 🙂

  • Lizzeebuffy Sharrod 9 months ago

    Definitely the perfect way to end the trip and the series 🙂 ❤

  • ishaan sahiba 9 months ago

    Heyy ally . Just wanted to know whether you are travelling alone or have you made friends in your way ….

  • Cory Sydee 9 months ago

    Loved this series Aly. You seemed so relaxed, it was great to watch. Hope the short turnaround in Budapest wasn’t too stressful!

  • Heather M 9 months ago

    Epic vlogs ally!!! ❤❤

  • Faaoso Va 9 months ago

    Loved watching this whole trip with Topdeck and will definitely add this to the adventure list…what an awesome way to end a memorable trip.

  • Vipin Kumar 9 months ago

    Yes i m watching your videos since u were in malaysia
    Good job keep it up .

  • Joan E 9 months ago

    Just mind blowing Ali!! Be safe, get some rest and we'll catch you soon. Welcome Home! 💙