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Travowl Films | India vlog | Ep5
Welcome back to the Lyndsey and Robin show, where dreams turn to dust in your hands. This week we make some false promises about climbing a mountain and I pretend to be an orphan because it’s convenient.
Hope you enjoy our India Travel Vlog Series

Music by Billy Lubach –

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  • Ajay Panchal 1 year ago

    Excellent, it is the only temple of lord brahma in India.

  • SUMIT KUMAR RATHAUR 1 year ago

    this is very best side to see traveling .you are so beautifully persion

  • Ashraf Shaikh 1 year ago

    aaya naya ujaaala chaar bundooowala aah aah…ending was

  • Pradeep Chawla 1 year ago

    Ur video really seems me superb and amazing and along with that u both r really nice and funny.Hope i will keep watching and enjoying u in future.

  • Raja Kaunder 1 year ago

    welcome to mumbai and pondicherry also… nice video.

  • Palwinder Singh 1 year ago

    Those ceremony guys try to trick me but they fail i got them. I just gave them 100 cuz they were making faces

  • Palwinder Singh 1 year ago

    Those ceremony guys are scammers. They try to get your money. How much you gave them ?

  • Joe Garvey 1 year ago

    Great video guys! My girlfriend and I were wondering whether we should visit Pushkar but after this will add it to the Rajasthan tour itinerary :).

  • anshul goyal 1 year ago

    You make videos like pro really great video

  • Jithendra Nambiar 1 year ago

    The girl is very level headed the guy is clearly an extra

  • steve Perry 1 year ago

    that guy must scam a lot of dumb westerners, if he does 3 a week & gets 1000 per person well thats a good money scam

  • Funda Goeruer 1 year ago

    you did NOT byte both twix bars at the same time….

  • Phenom Sb K 1 year ago

    what music is that at 6.20??

  • Phenom Sb K 1 year ago

    if someone asks for Money….. please ignore them…….politely..
    or just give then the anything between 1-5 rupees

  • Akash Sangwan 1 year ago

    guy wid u is irritating.. u r sweet and expressive

  • Nicholas Thompson 1 year ago

    The quality of these vlogs are amazing! I'm off to india next week for two months 👌🏽 good luck on YouTube, keep vloging I'm sure you will do great

  • Bhavesh Ambekar 1 year ago

    nice vdo.. i liked it..

  • pranoy khan 1 year ago

    please go to visit udaipur,nice place to visit.

  • jackrubycrew 1 year ago

    You are great on camera. The style and story are really nice. I have just started developing my channel with different experiences and seeing videos like yours really inspires me to do more! Keep creating and doing cool things. Peace.