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Follow us on our dream trip to Switzerland!

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Special Guests:
Desi Perkins:
Steven Perkins:

Trip Guide:

Hotel: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern
Activities: Mt.Pilots + Toboggan Ride
Food: La Cucina, Pacifico, Dr. Oetker Café Gugelhupf,

Hotel: Hotel Interlaken
Activities: Biking, Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls, Paragliding, Jet boat,
Food: OX Restaurant & Grill

Hotel: La Vue Apartments
Activities: Gornergrat View Point of Matterhorn
Food: Ristorante Pizzeria Grampi’s, Brown Cow Pub, Stephanie’s creperie

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DROELOE – JUMP (feat. Nevve)
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Conro – Lay Low (feat. David Benjamin)
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MYRNE – Afterdark (feat. Aviella)
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Vicetone – I Hear You
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Seven Lions & Echos – Cold Skin (MiTiS Remix)
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MYRNE & Popeska – Get It All (feat. Emily Hendrix)
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Slander – Superhuman (feat. Eric Leva)
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Equipment Used:
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Sony 16-35mm F4 –
Canon 35mm F1.4 –
Iphone 7 –…
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DJI Mavik Pro –

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  • Nouki 2 weeks ago

    Why did you guys not hike a mountain? Its such a nicer experience then to go it by cable railway. We don’t actually really appreciate the beauty of our country but to hear it from you makes me very very happy.

    Much love from lucerne 😘🇨🇭❤️❤️

  • fleejv 2 weeks ago

    Omg I am from switzerland. From Lucerne💁🏼 It makes me kinda freak out seeing this😂😍

  • Simona Irniger 2 weeks ago

    Irgendöpper schwiizer? 😂

  • UpsnaaPicks 2 weeks ago

    Steven and Jon breaking the door behind while Katy is talking about an emotional moment lol

  • leskiiababby 2 weeks ago

    I cant travel out of the USA, but when I do get the chance, Switzerland has ALWAYS had a special place in my heart too. It looks amazing and Im sure i will get as emotional as you did. Its so beautiful! Thank you for this video. I will look back at this video when that day comes. <3

  • mom's spaghetti 2 weeks ago

    they walked past my village😂

  • Jessica MiTje 1 week ago

    Grüße aus der Schweiz😍

  • Luc Skrym 1 week ago

    The land of the guitar master Younès Grandjean

  • Chicanew 1 week ago

    Salli Feldschlössli, wie bin ich do glandet haha?!
    Unseri Schwiiz isch doch scho schön 😉 Grüessli us Chicago

  • Tiffany Lanier Prevost 1 week ago

    This is literally the 10th time I've watched your beautiful vacation. I cry every single time you see the Matterhorn for the first time. 😭😭

  • Matt Fay 1 week ago

    So wild that your blog is literally just ten seconds longer than Desi's….that crazy!

  • Lexi Greenway 1 week ago

    Haven’t stopped watching all of your vlogs, I love yours and Desi’s friendship

  • S.A Power 1 week ago

    We mä eifach us Schwizer🇨🇭 das Video luegt und dänkt wie schön das Land eigentlich isch 😂👌🇨🇭

  • Léonie Hunziker 1 week ago

    This video just made me fall in love with my country again 😻 i should definitely spend more time doing trips in switzerland

  • Eli Eli 1 week ago

    Where you in Luzern i live there

  • taehyung- oppa 1 week ago

    you must go to basel!♥️

  • Kimberly Morales 1 week ago

    I am currently planning my trip to Switzerland… xoxoxo

  • Cstar 123 1 week ago

    who else is from switzerland watching this?