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Dreaming of an Asian escape? Lonely Planet’s experts have combed the continent, exploring ancient lands, evolving cities and sublime isles to bring you the most exciting spots to see over the next 12 months. Lonely Planet author Piera Chen tells us more about the destination that reached the number 1 spot: Gansu.


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  • Shasank Pradhan 10 months ago

    Trip to Everest base camp

  • Palak Chandwani 10 months ago

    Lonely planet is really doing a great job for all the travel lovers by their apps , videos and guides …… loveddd itttt …… I'm waiting for the next video of lonely planet …. hope I don't need to wait for a long time

  • Tehed82 10 months ago

    Beautiful pictures from the national park! What a landscape!

  • Aakibb Khan 10 months ago

    You are talking about gwangsu or smthng not asia
    One diskike for you

  • MyLifeAsLouis 10 months ago

    Great view and delicious food! Yes please!

  • Viajar de Cine 10 months ago

    Amazing!!! Great video!!!! 👍🏻

  • Gabriel Traveler 10 months ago

    Looks amazing.

  • Tom Rogers 10 months ago

    New app is well good lonely planet. Looked at someone's hiking trip in Norway and it was crazy, never knew that the mountains in Norway were so cool. Gansu looks awesome too!

  • Finesson Dkhar 10 months ago

    Nice places..😊

  • Sebastian Doe 10 months ago

    First pls sub