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Time to bash some misconceptions and myths about India! A lot of travellers hear rumours about how India is smelly, unsafe and dirty. After my one month long trip, I want to share my experiences on these common topics!

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  • Lhadon Chimdokang 9 months ago

    Love India❤️❤️❤️

  • Dinesh D Choudhary 9 months ago

    Why don't you go to mumbai,INDIA where the world's tallest skyscrapers are being under construction AND every country in the world has its bad side even if its AMERICA.

  • EX evil 9 months ago

    hahha nice video i didn't even knew of many stereotypes mentioned in video enjoyed it thanks :)GOLDEN TIP FoR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TRAVEL IN TRAIN IN INDIA : just take your ticket and get on board in AC class when ticket checker comes show him your ticket and tell him you can pay excessfare , he will give you temporary ticket in written and you are all set ! and yeah every mom in india says to avoid tap water XD about the trains i personally dont like to travel much in train unless its first class because of massive amount of travelers 3rd class is not a very good option

  • gaz riley 9 months ago

    i didn't mind the squatting toilets

  • ChichaWatniFarmer ChakNo170/9L 9 months ago

    India is brutally suppressing the People of Kashmir, Punjab, Sikkim etc .
    Western Tourists only see what they want to see.

  • gaz riley 9 months ago

    i love india i lived in Delhi for 5 months yeah it's dirty so what? get over it

  • Pratyush Ranjan 9 months ago

    That video was such a myth buster. It was much needed.

  • vivek saurabh 9 months ago

    You actually saw India in a true way. India is so diverse and we welcome all people, Thank you.

  • Sandip Bhaumik 9 months ago

    Thanks for making this video for clarifying misconceptions about India and we Indians. Haven't you visited Calcutta?

  • Bhushan Nag 9 months ago

    Please change the thumbnail please

  • Vicky Gupta 9 months ago

    Thank you for that. Hat off to your unbiased review. Once the people start to think themselves instead of going with stereotypes most countries would automatically get beautiful.

  • nikhil199029 9 months ago

    use uber or ola if u think u r being scammed by tuc tuc (auto) in India

  • darko blake 9 months ago

    thanks mam

  • Shubham Mane 9 months ago

    My word of advice for women's try not to travel alone in night if u are in north part of india day time its ok but in night no one will be there to help you people in north will first open their camera and start recording without helping u😧sad truth maybe some can help but is always risky
    Other parts are more grown by mindset so visit without any problem🤗

  • Shubham Mane 9 months ago

    Plz travel everywhere not just delhi,yes delhi is capital but other states of india especially maharashtra,goa,chennai,tamilnadu are also nice places to visit most people think about india watching delhi

  • Nikhil Anand 9 months ago

    first myth about ladies shitting is true in remote parts of India, all about the food is true. i live in India and still get get surprised with the variety of food. the train part is true, some guys even hang form the train… i love it and have done it for fun.

  • Bounty hunter 9 months ago

    If you dont like india then why you go into india.Comeback again we will treat like you as gore log abhi bi india me aake smell karke chale jate hain aur modhey trumph ko paisa deke waha pe job khadi kar raha hain jabki india ke log job bina fir rahe hain.Kisi ko kuch pata hi nahi hain desh me kya chal raha hain . Isliye me apna investment india lekar china chala gaya nahi to india me corrupt log mera paisa kha jate.

  • kartik pathania 9 months ago

    Plot Twist – She is a brown Women in white Mask.

  • raju dasari567 9 months ago

    U r beautiful….love from india

  • Gopal Sinha 9 months ago

    We appreciate your share your experience.

  • Szavanna Sunshine 9 months ago

    thanks I hope I get to India soon ☺