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Santiago de Compostela is the final destination of your Camino de Santiago. For centuries, pilgrims have travelled to the city to atone for their sins and visit the tomb of St James, allegedly buried in Santiago’s Cathedral.

Santiago is a pocket-size city with a beautiful UNESCO-listed Old Town and a lively atmosphere, both by day and at night!

It is also an University town, with many students settling in the city for the school year. Some of Santiago’s university buildings can be visited in the Old Town (the University was established in 1495). After you visit the cathedral and get your Compostela at the Pilgrims Office, take time to explore this fantastic city: the Alameda Park, the food market, Bonaval Park, Museum of Galician People, Museum of Modern Art… are some of the activities you might enjoy while visiting Santiago!

Official Camino Ways | Camino de Santiago

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